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Primary PGCE interview-York St John 2010!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by CaseyPartington, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone...
    This is my first time on these forums so i'm not quite sure what i'm doing! Anyway, i've got an interview at St John's on the 14th of January for Lower Primary and was wondering if anyone had any help or advice regarding the interview day? Thankyooooou....x
    Case Xx
  2. Hey everyone...
    This is my first time on these forums so i'm not quite sure what i'm doing! Anyway, i've got an interview at St John's on the 14th of January for Lower Primary and was wondering if anyone had any help or advice regarding the interview day? Thankyooooou....x
    Case Xx
  3. Hey, I've been offered a place on the same course for September 2010. Firstly, try not to worry about the interview- although it's a pretty intense day it isn't as bad as it could be!
    You start with the course leader having a chat with everyone and explaining about the course and what will be happening during the day. Then you do a written question for 20 mins- I think they were looking at your ability to contruct answers, write critically etc. Then straight on from that you do a multiple choice test- I found this the most difficult part- (have a look at BBC bitesize website if you need practice with anything) but not doing well at this wont stop you being accepted, they will just tell you what to brush up on before september. The group task is ok, as long as you make sure you speak out and offer ideas to your group, without being too over powering or controlling. If there is someone who isnt involved you could say something like 'what do you think about ....' to show you're taking other peoples views onboard. (I used this part to show up to date knowledge of what is happening in schools). Then after this you will have individual interviews which last about 20 mins. Mine was quiet informal and relaxed, had a lovely lady- not sure about the other interviewers?!? This is your chance to show yourself off and make it you that stands out from everyone else. They asked things like 'what would you if.....' 'What qualities make a good teacher' etc.
    There are some useful links on here about other questions people have been asked so I used this to halp me prepeare some posible answers.
    You also get a tour of the uni and have to take your ID and certificates to be checked. I had finished by 2pm so made the most of the fab shopping!
    Good luck with your interview and let me know if I can help with anything else
    Vicky x
  4. Blimey that's really helpful thank you! Congratulations for getting onto the course! You must have done really well :)
    I've been revising lot's on the Bitesize websites and i've pretty much wrote down every question imaginable and answered them-although im not too sure about the "What would you do if..." type questions as you can't really prepare for them can you-they are on the spot!
    Im also intrigued about the group task too.
    I hope it all goes smoothly! Do you live in York or then or did you come far? Xx
  5. The group task was to plan a follow up lesson after a trip you had been on, we then had to present it back to another group. You are abserved during all of this and then get asked questions about what you have talked about (this was the worst part as you are put on the spot in front of the others but the best thing to do is not panic!)
    I live in Macclesfield at the moment so came up the night before as I didn't want to risk getting stuck in motorway traffic and being late! Where are you from?

  6. I live in York and did my first degree at the same university so i am lucky in that sense, that i live close (only 5 mins walking) and that i'm familiar with the surroundings etc.
    Thanks for the advice though it's really helpful :) Im not too worried about the day i just want it to go well more than anything! I'll try to remember what you said and not panic too much!
    It's scary how they expect us to come up with all these idea's on the spot when we haven't been trained as teachers yet! But i suppose they don't expect you to come up with a genious idea there and then, i think they may be more looking to see how you respond.
  7. I dont think they were really looking at the answers being fantastic, like you say, more the response you give. I guess they couldn't be really that good or we wouldn't need to do the course!
    Good Luck with the interview tomorrow, let me know how you get on
  8. Hey it went well i think. It was just those tests which where quite difficult, but at least they where multiple choice! Your accont of the day was really good and helped a lot so thank you :) x
  9. I think I did really badly on the tests but that didnt seem to matter. Glad to be of help, and hopefully see you in September!
  10. Im hoping that my brilliant interview and group task outweigh the tests! The written task was about whether teachers should concern themselves with childrens moral, social and spiritual development-Argh!
    How long after your interview did you find out you had a place??
    I hope to see you in September too! :) I'll remember to look out for a Vicky! x
  11. That written task sounds really hard! I suppose they have change it each time so no one is at an advantage from finding out earlier what the question is. It took a week to find out, I was starting to become obsessive with checking my status on Track on the GTTR website so was lucky it came when it did! Then I got a letter from them a few days later. Fingers crossed! x
  12. I know! I really wanted the politician question-Which i read a lot about on here! But got the short straw as per usual lol! I suppose they know about forums and word of mouth etc, so they change everything to make it more fair! Otherwise people who have the last interviews have a better chance!
    The suspense is killing me already and it's only been a few hours! It says on the GTTR that all providers have to make a decision on all applications recieved by the 1st dec on the 20th Jan-which is only 6 days away! But i wonder if they mean decision as in interview? Not a final decision on whether to give a place-as obviously some people still have interviews.
    Ahhh :) Thankyoooou
  13. Hi, I have just been given an interview date by the University on the 4th of February for UPPER PRIMARY. I'm just wondering is anyone else on the same date and also does anyone have any tips for the interview day.

    Anything of help would be very much appreciated!

    Thanks Phil

  14. Hi, i also have an interview on 4th Feb but for lower Primary....onlyfound out yesterday after giving up hope of getting one!!...i'm also stryggling to find any relevant posts for the interview day...
  15. Hi, I have already put an outline of the interview day on the previous page, dont know if you've seen that? The Upper and Lower Primary interviews seemed to be pretty much the same from what I could tell when I had my interview. If you want any more info or want to ask anything after reading what I have already put, let me know.
  16. Hey don't be nervous-the day was fine and all the staff where really friendly! The day starts with a talk about the PGCE/Placements/what to expect etc and you have the chance to ask any questions you may have to ask. Then you do a written 20 minute task-They'll give you a question and expect you to write about a side and half in 20 mins, you can't really revise this as you don't know what question they will give you (they change it all the time) so as long as you know about current education and how a school works you will be fine. We then did Maths, Science, English and ICT tests, which where all multiple choice so not too bad, but don't be fooled as they are harder than you may think. Revise on BBC Bitesize Keystage 3-this is sufficent. I was then put in a group with 3 other girls who where really nice, we all went for a coffee and a chat and for a tour around the uni. We went to a uni room with one other group and did a task, we where given a sheet which explained that we had taken a group of 7 year old pupils to an art gallery. We had to plan a follow up lesson then feed back to the other group, we was all sat down so we didnt have to stand up in front of people or anything it was really relaxed and informal. We had a headteacher from a school sat with us and he fired questions at us about the task etc. The best part of the day was the interview itself-it's fine so relax! :) I didnt even talk about any educational issues which was good-But id revised Loads! Just had to say why i wanted to teach, good/bad lesson and qualities of a etacher, talked about my experience etc etc. They also give you a scenario (bit like photocopier breaks 5 mins before your lesson what do you do) etc. Dont worry :) it's fine honest! Xxxxx Good Luck! Xx
  17. Im still waiting to hear if i got in or not-It's a week tomorrow so hopefully i'll find out tomorrow! :) x
  18. Hey,
    I have an interview on February 11th, wondering if anyone else has an interview that day as it would be nice to know someone prior to going?!
    Feeling the nerves already!
  19. good luck tomorrow! fingers crossed for us both!
  20. Done and dusted....now the waiting game begins [​IMG]

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