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Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by cherrybake, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Hi Kelly,

    Now that you have had the interview, you can understand why we said that it was so laid back! I was told 2-3 weeks and I heard 16 days later.
    You have 2 weeks to accept your offer on track. So I wouldn't hang around for the GTP results unless you are adament that you don't want the PGCE place.
    Glad that you found the day went well, please keep us updated on how it goes.
    I have just sent back my CRB form and money for the health check xx
  2. I got a Conditional Offer at Oxford Brookes. I heard last Tuesday! Such great news, I accepted this offer and I got an interview date for one of my GTP's too so things are moving nicely.
    The condition is that I pass a health check (which i can't believe is £50!) and a CRB check which i've just sent the forms off for. I also have to do 10 days in a state school before the end of July.
    They obviously don't like me working in a private school full time because I really can't see why they want me to do this as I have plenty of experience in other schools. It does mean getting more days off for going to another school though. xx

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