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Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by cherrybake, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I was just wondering if anyone else has heard back from Oxford Brookes yet? The ysaid it would be 2-3 weeks, yet I had my interview over three weeks ago now and I'm still waiting. :(
  2. Hi,

    I was just wondering if anyone else has heard back from Oxford Brookes yet? The ysaid it would be 2-3 weeks, yet I had my interview over three weeks ago now and I'm still waiting. :(
  3. Hi. I had my interview in November and was offered a place about 3 weeks later. I was checking my
    Email and gttr page avidly, but eventually, I got an email in the evening saying I'd been offered a place.
    What did you teach for your interview? I taught some Spanish. X
  4. Hmmm maybe i need to ring them I'm not sure. I had my interview in January it was three weeks exactly the Wednesday just gone. I taught a English lesson on simile.
  5. Well, good luck. Let me know if you get in. They obviously haven't filled all the places as my mate found out last night that she has an interview on Wednesday.
    Like I said, good luck. X
  6. I'm impressed with you moving so quickly with it! When I had my interview they removed the Maths test and didnt really explain why. But I wouldnt worry too much about it as all it seemd like it was going to be was some simple adding, subtracting, multiplication and division. Bitesize is definately worth a look if you wanted to get you're confidence up on things like fractions/decimals/percentages etc, but to be honest it didnt sound too bad.

    As for you're lesson that sounds fab. I would say the more practical the better and it's really good to get the group involved. Just make sure it's within your time limit as they strangely don't tell you to stop if you run over yet I got the feeling you got marked down if you rambled on too much.

    I hope this helps and best of luck :)
  7. My friend Lucy has an interview on Wednesday too.

    There was no maths test when I did mine in November despite it saying on the letter that there would be.

    The teaching session sounds good to me. Someone in my group did the recovery position, as she was final year nursing so it was something she was confident with.

    The whole day is really relaxed and everyone involved with the course is lovely.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

    Sarah x
  8. Hi Kelly,

    I had my interview at Brookes 18th Jan 2011, I heard on Thursday that I have a place :)

    Don't worry about the interview. There was no maths test (even though it said on my letter for the interview). You're choice of teaching task sounds great as well. As long as you can get everyone involved (including the interviewer) and make it interesting and not reel off a speech you will be fine. Everyone is nervous but seriously it is so relaxed! There is no scary interview 1 on 1. They get you involved in paired decision making subjective view tasks. You get split into groups of about 6 and it is really interesting to find out what everyone's experience in primary schools has been like, and what they decide to teach to the group,

    In my group there was someone who did yoga, someone who taught us about growing potatoes, another who taught us how to tie sailing knots in rope. My lesson was on memory as I am a psychology graduate so thought that I would you what I know. I did a memory game after a brief introduction.

    Good luck, it is a lovely relaxed day!!

    Let me know how you get on. If there is anything else you want to know just ask xx
  9. Looks like we'll be course mates then Elaine.
    Will you be moving to Oxford or commuting from where you currently are?
    I'll be commuting from reading. Only about 40mins.
    Be good to hear from you. X
  10. Thanks for your advice Elaine, sounds like I should chill out about it a bit more! :D
    Its great that they have a relaxed atmosphere for the day, it really puts me off when its so formal!

  11. Hi Everyone
    I had my interview in November to for the early years course and was offered a conditional place about 3 weeks later. the interviews are very relaxed, just be yourselves! i dont think they are that bothered about what you teach, they are looking for your teaching skills.
    I have been told today that bursarys for primary PGCE have been scrapepd, have any of you been told this or heard this to? Helen x
  12. Hi Sarah,

    I will be moving to Oxford as I am from the northwales/england border, so that would be one hec of a commute everyday. Are you doing 5-11 as well? xx
  13. Hi Helen,

    Yes I too have unfortunately heard that devastating news! It's in Gove's letter. No primary pgce students will get any grant, and the only secondary ones which qualify are those doing maths and physics and the like. BUT I'm not sure that this is taking effect 2011 or 2012! Hoping it's 2012 when we no longer have to worry about this fact.

    Are you early years of 5-11? I am 5-11 x
  14. I think thats probably a good idea to move lol. Wouldn't fancy your commute. Not relishing the prospect of mine either but hey...
    Yes, I'm doing general primary.
    Have you received anything else from them? I've received something about a medical form, and apparently they didn't photocopy my ID properly at my interview so I'll sort that out in half term.
    What job do you do now?!
    Will you be going into uni accommodation?! X
  15. Haha no I don't fancy that commute either. The only thing I have received so far is the letter offering me a place, and a letter from UCAS to notify me that I have accepted the offer. I guess I have the medical form to wait for now. How long since you accepted your place did you get sent that?
    I am working voluntary in a primary school 2 days a week, and have been there since September. And I also work at the afterschool club at another school 2 or 3 times a week in the afternoons. How about you?
    I really don't know what I am doing about accommodation yet. Was hoping that there would be some people who were on the course who would want to move there and end up sharing a house. But so far everyone on here is commuting! Not sure I fancy going back to halls... but if needs must! x
  16. I accepted my place at the beginning of December. I only know of people who are commuting but I do know plenty of people from oxford, as I'm originally from there so I'll keep an ear out for something for you.
    I've been a ta since October 2006 and an Hlta since december 2009. Currently working in a year 6 class while teaching French to the 5s and 6s. Originally worked in three schools in Oxford so i might be able to give some people a heads up re the placements.
    I'm so excited yet very nervous about it all.
    I'm trying to fit in as much as possible this year, including a big birthday, as rumour has it, the pgce is v intense. X
  17. HI Elaine
    i cannot believe they have done this now when people have been planning their lives around the fiinancial support from the bursary. i'm doing the early years course (hopefully! this waiting around for confirmation is torture!) x
  18. Thank you Sarah, that would be very handy! Yes the PGCE year is very intense. I have a friend who did it 2 years ago but she said that it's all fine if you have the support. Wow you have had lots of experience- that's great.X
  19. Hi everyone,
    Just want to let you know how my interview went after fretting about it on here before I went.
    I have to say that was the most informal interview I have ever been to and ended up feeling very comfortable and relaxed. Overall I think I did well but you really never know with these things! All the staff were friendly and had a good a of calming you with words of wisdom which was great to hear.
    I am now waiting for the verdict and looking on Track but as if this wasn't bad enough, like you all, I am worried about the hour commute every day (the petrol costs especially) and the sheer lack of financial help that we will be facing. I know its worse for people with families and I guess i'm lucky that I am not in that sitaution but its still a worrying factor. I am also awaiting two GTP results too.
    How long do you have to reply to your offer of a place if I get one at Oxford Brookes? I was hoping that I would have time to reply when I have heard from the GTP courses because I don't want to take up a place if one was offered to me for the PGCE, if I can get on a GTP which for myself would be less of a commute and an income as an added bonus. I guess im hoping for things to all come together at the same time! LOL
    How long did people wait after an interview to hear if you have a place or not? They told me 2-3 weeks but I know for some its happened sooner than this.

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