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Primary PGCE interview- Northumbria University!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Helen_Ewart, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Hi I've got an interview at Northumbria for Primary PGCE on 18th January 2012. Has anyone else? I'm really nervous, I've read a few things saying that it's not too bad and others saying it is! [​IMG] Are there many questions asked about current educational issues during the individual interview? Gonna have to start researching! And what are the tests like? I thought I was good at maths but then practiced some of the tests and now I'm not so sure lol.

    Any help with what the interview is really like would be appreciated [​IMG]
  2. Joanne2009

    Joanne2009 New commenter

    I have an interview for Northumbria for Primary PGCE on the 8th of Feb. I have heard the interview is not too bad but I am going to look up as much info as possible and have a go at the tests before then.
    They do a group interview and then an individual interview. Hope it goes ok for you. Good luck!

  3. I have an interview at Northumrbia for Early Primary education on Thursday 19th January and im really nervous too! Anyone else have an interview on this date? :)

    Or any help would be great :)

  4. i've got an interview on 16th january, How have people been revising for the maths and english tests....through the link to the tda website or otherwise?

    is everyone feeling prepared?
  5. I've been doing the tests on the TDA website, think i'm going to look at bbc bitesize revision too though to refresh my memory as I'm still not great. I've prepared quite a bit so far but still not very confident. I'm a bit nervous about the group presentation - don't like how we dont get long to prepare. But I've heard a lot of people say the interview isn't too bad so hopefully it'll be fine.
    Good luck! [​IMG]
  6. aww right ive been so nervous about it, i've been like tackling one possible question a day, and my answer to it, aswell as mostly the tda website. but im a bit worried though as the skills tests on tda dont contain any algebra or anything like that, so dont know whats worth revising really :/

    Do you know someone whos already had an interview for the pgce this year? Do you know if they got accepted or not? I wonder when interviews started.
  7. Yeah same, I really hope nerves dont get the better of me on the day. Ahh good plan, i've been reading up on the guardian and independent education sections too. Yeah, i've mostly been looking at fractions/decimals/percentages so far. Nopes haven't heard of anyone who's had an interview yet, I have no idea :/
  8. Joanne2009

    Joanne2009 New commenter

    I hope someone can post who has had the interview already. Mine isn't until the 8th of Feb. Going to start work on it tomorrow.
    Good luck! [​IMG]
  9. Does anyone know if during the maths test...will we be allowed to use calculators or not?
  10. Hey! I have my interview on 17th, ahh! I've been writing on forums but haven't found anyone who's already had theirs to give me some tips yet. I've had a go at bits of the english and maths stuff and I genuinely thought I was pretty good at maths til I had a go at some of their stuff, by the time I've worked out the first bit of the question they're blabbering out more info so I forget the first bit, never mind though. Anyhow, just thought I'd let you know that you don't get a calculator for the maths test I'm just kinda banking on them letting us use paper and pen, if not I'm a gone'a!
    Good luck though everyone, and for you guys who have interviews after mine I'll let you's know how mine went and give you's some tips :)
  11. Hi ,, I have a interview on the 29th of March.. I revieved the email telling me today, however it doesn't say anything about a presentation???? I heard someone from college say they have done a presentation but the email doesn't mention it?? and in the time-table for the day, it mentions presentations,,, ??? What do I have to do for it Please ??????
  12. You don't find out what your presentation will be about until the actual day. You get put into groups of about 6-7 people and each person is given a different question, mine was 'what sort of teacher do you intend to be?' but you can change it if you dont like it. You get lunchtime to prepare it then present it in front of your group. It's only got to be 2 minutes long and they stop you if you go over the time. It's not so bad and is really informal. I got accepted onto the course the other day.
    Good Luck
  13. Hello!!
    My interview day at Northumbria is 14th March.
    Do you know roughtly how many students do they accept in the course ??
  14. Hey!
    When I had my interview they said they interview 300 people and accept 126.
    Good luck :)
  15. Honey Loop

    Honey Loop New commenter

    I went to Northumbria. The interview day is pretty full on, but manageable.
    presentation bit - they put you into small groups of about 6, offer you
    a card with a statement on relating to education, ie - what is the
    benefit of ICT in the classroom, what would your ideal classroom look
    like, how would you know your children were making progress, what types
    of books would best support children's learning, and my personal
    favourite (the one I got and changed - as you're allowed to changed and
    not be penalised), what is the role of the headteacher! They give you
    lunch time to prepare for this. They are looking more for your
    presenting skills (the whole standing up in front of a class) than your
    knowledge (obviously it helps if you actually do sound knowledgeable). You will be stopped after 2 minutes so be concise.
    The interview is bog standard but may contain some elements of your presentation if they want more info.
    maths/ eng test is fairly straight forward. The maths is word problems
    - there are 20 children in the class, 25% on free school meals how many
    children are on free school meals type stuff. They read them twice and
    give you about 30 seconds to work it out.
    The english test is basically a reading comprehension. Read and respond - what do you think the piece is saying.
    Best of luck
    forgot to mention - the group interview is usually after the
    presentations - you get the chance ask questions of the other people in
    your group - use this time wisely. You need to be able to hold your
    own, to come across as a listener but just as importantly as someone
    with whom others can get along with!
    In other words - Don't let others talk you down, or over the top of you, but equally do not be a gobby know-it-all!

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