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Primary pgce interview Newcastle 2011

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by nikkip1036, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. I'm not going to bother i applied last year and didnt get on. i have had soooo many people including the headmaster where i did my work experience saying i'd be a great teacher but clearly i'm just not what the academics are looking for. i may be spitting my dummy out but clearly i am missing something. it is not a question of commitment i just feel that disappointed and quite frankly i cant deal with another unsuccessful application. however i wish all the luck in the world to all those still going for it at least you wont have me to compete with (well maybe next year [​IMG])
  2. Sorry to hear about that Gareth, I know exactly how you feel. I know i'd be a fantastic teacher, its just frustrating and disheartening to not be given that chance to prove it.
  3. Gareth you shouldnt give up just yet. we all now know how horribly dissapointing it is and i cant imagine how bad it would be to experience the same dissapointment two years in a row but if you feel you have the skills to be a great teacher and you clearly have the commitment you should keep trying. we need teachers like you!
  4. I've put my toys back in the pram and I am thinking a bit more clearly now. I have sent of my application to a SCITT course even though I'm a bit late their site said they still had vacancies (i know they may not have updated but I thought sod it i will give it a go, no harm in trying) but also my next choice after that is secondary education and business studies. You never know I might get somewhere with it. Thank you Alicia James you helped me see my options.
  5. What SCITT?

    My second choice is High Force SCITT, although im wishing I'd changed it to somewhere with a few more places available..
  6. Failed again this year ( i tried last year). I feel just as bad this year; I'm so disheartened and think about giving up. Everyone has said I would be a fantastic teacher, but I must be missing something.
    On the other hand i'm thinking man up and get on with it. Beside my best friend and her mam would kill me if i give up :p

  7. I'm assuming you're the Dave I spoke to at the interview, if so I might see you again at the High Force on, that's my second choice too!
    Judging by the number of people posting their unsuccessfuls today I think we can assume that they didn't get the amount of places they expected. Also, if people were getting accepted weeks ago, they have screwed us a bit by delaying their decision it seems. I wouldn't rate the Newcastle application experience very highly at all.
    Applied for High Force SCITT last year and it is VERY competitive. There is a massive problem in this country if we need teachers and there are this many people who clearly want to be teachers, there just isn't anyone willing to train them. The GTTR system is horrendous and makes the entire process a lottery imo. Why couldn't we be interviewing with High Force over the last 3 weeks? Or applied for more than 2 courses initially?
    Unless I get lucky at the SCITT or in clearing then I'll probably be one of the teacher's whose fell through the cracks due to the system. Can't justify (or afford) taking another year out of my life for this.
  8. Hi guys, according to gttr i have a conditional offer! Isthat what everyone else who got accepted had on theirs? Have people who have been accepted heard any word directly from Newcastle? I'm a bit confused as to whether i've actually been offered a place or am in a maybe pile??
  9. I have a few friends who go to newcastle uni and live in the area, Jesmond and Heaton are pretty nice areas, stay away from Byker!
  10. Has anybody who didnt get in heard back from them?
    I've got a letter saying im on a reserve list, and if people drop out, im in, so at least thats something, it said on the letter due to the bursary being cut they are expecting a few to drop out as well..
    It also had the feedback on the letter which shows I only messed up by not reflecting enough on my past experience. Grr, so frustrated with myself.
  11. After all the excitement of being accepted on to the course I am absolutely gutted to find out the that primary bursary is being pulled from this september. I only found out when I got my acceptance letter from newcastle.The timing is so bad. Also as I am coming from Ireland it means I am not entitled to apply for any sort of maintenance grant. This was going to be a really financially tough year as it was.

    The one good thing that is Newcastle is meant to be cheaper than a lot of other parts of the country. Has anyone any idea who much money i would realistically need for the year including rent and living expenses? Also does anyone know are there any other funding options available ,loans etc????
  12. I'm starting primary pgce at Newcastle next year :)
    I'm doing my undergrad at Newcastle so I can tell you that Sandyford is not too expensive and really close to uni (10- 15 min walk), Jesmond is more expensive and you have further to walk, Heaton is the cheapest but you could end up having a forty minute walk to uni. All of the areas are pretty quiet as they are quite far from the uni halls, hope this helps.
  13. eflood rents in the student areas in Newcastle are usually £50- 90 per person per week in the student areas of Newcastle
  14. Hi again everyone

    Just thought I would let everyone now that I applied to a SCITT course just after Newcastle rejected me, and I have recieved a phone call offering me an interview. The funny thing is I now have to reject them and the chance of an interview as my circumstances have changed which means I simply can not afford a year out of work. I take great pleasure in thanking everyone for very support just off this website, but I will not be able to apply for at least another couple of years. Again for all those who have gained a place congratulations, keep your head down, work hard and for Gods sake do not bail out, do not waste this fantastic opportunity that some of us really want! [​IMG]

    All the best

  15. hi,
    hoping you still use this website:) I have an interview at newcatsle university for primary pgce in January and was wondering if you would be able to give me some tips. I am really nervous about the teaching episode, mainly if I can ask the audience to participate (ask them questions) or am I supposed to ask them questions and pretend they have answered them? Also about this one artifact? does this mean I can only take in one object which I base my lesson on?

  16. Hi I am also have an interview at Newcastle In Jan and I am so nervous about the teaching episode. I am confused as to what it is and can't find any more info out! I think I will pick English but then it's hard to know what to do in 5 mins, do you think you have to teach them something? Do you know how your going about it?
    Good luck!
  17. Hi everyone,

    I have an interview on the 20th at Newcastle also!!! Yay. I applied last year but withdrew my application because I didnt feel I had enough experience; so I was sooo happy when I got offered the interview this year as I've spent the year volunteering! I still haven't got my pack yet but someone I know has theirs and it sounds crazy intense! Im soo nervous! Think Im gonna base my 5 min episode around numeracy and arrays maybe, still not sure! Fingers crossed for everyone, hopefully will see some of you there?

  18. SpecialRach

    SpecialRach New commenter

    Its a 5 minute 'teaching episode' therefore yes, you will have to attempt to teach something as if they were children! In reply to a previous message asking for advice, again its a teaching episode so the panel will not just sit in silence..treat it as if they were kids, act a 5 minute lesson.
  19. hey
    i have an interview on 18th jan at newcastle and i am really nervous :(
    i am not confident at all. any help or advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated
    thank you very much :)
  20. Hi
    i have an interview 18th jan for pgce primary at newcastle
    i am really nervous any tip and hints would be really helpful.
    what do you have to do for the teaching episode? any tips?
    also how hard are the maths and english tests?
    On the written examine do they give you a subject or can you prepare and do it yourself.?
    thank you :)

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