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Primary pgce interview Newcastle 2011

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by nikkip1036, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. I got an offer yesterday too, still very shocked but very happy! Well done to those who have offers and good luck to those still waiting.
  2. Thanks. Lets hope we all get to meet at Uni! Fingers still crossed!
  3. Hello everyone, I am also waiting to hear back! I had my interview on the 18th Jan but I don't think it went to well, as I am in my last year of uni and had 6 exams around my interview date, so I did not really have time to prepare correctly! I am constantly checking GTTR too, its horrible not knowing. Fingers crossed we all get in! Good Luck!!
  4. I too havent heard back, and hearing that people have already been offered places isnt offering me much hope in hearing anything positive back! I thought I did well on the teaching episode, but panicked a bit during the interview. Checking GTTR every ten minutes now though! Driving me crazy..

    Well done to the people who have recieved offers :)
  5. its not making me feel very optimistic either. everyone seems to be feeling that they did well on at least some of the interview, is it only me that felt i did really badly!? ive still got a little bit of hope that theyve seen past the nervousness and have decided to take me on anyway. i hate waiting!! i wish theyd just let us all know now at the same time!
  6. I know the feeling. but the glass is always half full in my books, whether we feel we did ok or not is irrelivant, its how they percieved us that counts. and i am sure they have seen nervous people on every single day of interviews and they will be able to see through that so try not to worry, again fingers crossed for you and everyone else.
  7. I am going to stop checking as its driving me crazy! I have looked on the TDA website and seen that the goverment have allocated 19,730 primary places this year but I cant find out how many there were last year. I hope we find out today, I will not be able to sleep tonight! I have my fingers crossed for you all!
  8. Dont worry Alicia,My interview totally did not go as planned. I had so much to say, but as soon as I got in there I completely froze. People were down having interviews for like 45 minutes. I was out in about 15 minutes cos I just panicked and couldnt think what to say!

  9. i has pretty much the exact same experience apart from in the teaching episode, she gave me too much time, id only planned enough material to cover 5 mins and she gave me about 9 so i ended up just either standing in silence or blabbering at the end. my interview was just the same though, i panicked so much i forgot half the stuff i should have said. like the educational issue question, i revised a whole folder of stuff on extended schools, when i got in these for some reason my mind totally blanked and i started blabbing about every child matters even though i knew little about it. which was clear from my answer! i just want to know no, either way is better than nothing!
  10. Mine was the same. I had a tonne of stuff planned about the educational topic. I got a bit flustered when I started talking about it and got myself confused, then she kept asking me what the contraversy was - at which point id panicked again and completely forgotten what I was even talking about *cringe*
  11. haha i do wish you all the luck in getting a place but i must admit it makes me feel a little better knowing that there were other people like me, everyone else was coming out with a smile on their face and i was wondering why i seemed to be the only one not doing the same! ill post on here as soon as i know!
  12. I done the same, I was even worse on the question 'what have you done to prepare yourself for the course' I just froze and talked about so much rubbish! I'll post on here as soon as i know too. Its so hard not to keep checking every 5 minutes.
  13. Everyone still patiently waiting??
  14. waiting, yes, patiently, no!!!
  15. Yep been waiting since 17th January, apparently a lot of rejections have already been issued! Fingers crossed..
  16. I cant work out if thats a good sign or not, though!
    I cant believe they havent sent out all the replies at the same time!
  17. im thinking its neither a good or bad sign i think its just the rate theyre getting through the applications. i wish it was a good sign!
  18. was anyone at the interview on the 20th? i wonder whether theyre going through them by day or by surname or something.
  19. no coz i was on the 17th, so i thought i would have heard first if that was the case. mayb alphabetically, how do you know alot of ppl have been rejected, i jst keep hearing ppl have been accepted lol
  20. Not alphabetical either. I know someone with surname beginning B and they havent heard either

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