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Primary pgce interview Newcastle 2011

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by nikkip1036, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I just found out I have an interview for Newcastle for the primary pgce on the 17th January 2011. Really chuffed I got one, been for an interview last year but was unsuccessful :(.
    Has anyone else got an interview date yet?? An have they any ideas what they r gonna do??

    Thanks :£
  2. Hi everyone,
    I just found out I have an interview for Newcastle for the primary pgce on the 17th January 2011. Really chuffed I got one, been for an interview last year but was unsuccessful :(.
    Has anyone else got an interview date yet?? An have they any ideas what they r gonna do??

    Thanks :£
  3. Hi Nikki,
    Just found out this morning I have an interview for Primary at Newcastle too. Mine is on the 18th January, so happy! I haven't got any details about the interview yet, but hopefully they will send them through within the next few days. At least we have a while to prepare :)
  4. Hello, and well done to the both of you!

    I've just found out I have my interview for Newcastle on the 20th of January! Yay! [​IMG]
  5. Hi nikkip1036,
    what was the primary interview like last time? I'm so nervous but at least we get a month or so to prepare for it!
  6. Hi,
    I've just found out i have an interview on the 19th Jan!
    Emma [​IMG]
  7. Hi,
    Well done to you all for getting an interview!!! All interviews in the space of a few days! Are any of u from northern Ireland?
    Last year I found the interview v intense! The day started around 10am with a short presentation of what the course entailed, then we were split up into groups to do a 5 min teaching episode. Then we went back and completed our maths and english tests, then had our interview.

    It's a very draining and long process, but the one thing I found is that other people show their true colours when competition presents itself!! Every man for themselves!!!!

  8. Well done to everyone getting interviews! I'm pretty nervous but excited too....Roughly how many people were at each interview last year, are the groups big or small? Glad we've got some preparation time! :)

  9. I'm not coming from as far as N. Ireland, but I am getting a flight up from Bristol. I'm not convinced my car could make that distance! Going to try and find somewhere cheap to stay the night.
    Up to what sort of level are you all revising (if you need to, I'm sure I do!) for the maths/english tests?
    I'm working through KS3 level math tests but I'm not sure whether to take it up to GCSE level(simultaneous equations, complex algebra, etc.)
    As for the English... I'm a bit stuck on that, I'm working on words I always spell wrong, grammar... do you think we need to be able to explain what an irragualr verb is etc?

    All the infomation for this is probably in the interview pack, but I haven't received that yet, have you all received yours?

    I hope not to come accross as hyper-competitive at the interview! Surely that wouldn't look good if you tried to sabotage others? Didn't think it would be that cut-throat [​IMG]
  10. Hi Nikki

    Congrats on gettin an interview. I have just found out I have an interview on the 20th of January which I am fairly chuffed about. I have to get to Newcastle from Galway which is going to be fun! Is there any tips you can give me about the interview. I have a decent amount of time to prepare and really really want this as it is a career I have been trying to get into for years.

    What do you have to do the presentation on?
    what kind of questions do they ask you?
    How hard is the English test and what did it consist of?

    Sorry for all the questions but any advice you could give me would me much appreciated.

    Best of luck in the interview yourself

  11. hey elflood, noticed your post on the end of another one asking for tips etc so i sent you a message with some stuff in that i hope will help! :) If anyone else wants any just let me know, I'm at newcastle doing primary pgce at the mo xx
  12. Hey! Thank you so much for the tips, I found the bbc bitesize useful, have only revised ks3 will have to do some GSCE!
    Do you know roughly when we recieve the interview pack? It's not until we recieve the interview pack that we start preparing for the 5min presentation right? coz I have not idea what its about or anything! Just to clarify, is it a 5min presentation or a 5min lesson we have to do? Ive heard different things! Any tips you can give me on that as well will be very much appreciated!!
    Also, as well as the maths test, literacy test, presentation and interview, is there also a group discussion or something like that where you asked about current educational issues? or are you asked about that in the actual interview?
    Thanks again! :) xx
  13. Please can u message me some tips!! have a primaey interiew on the 19th! know to revise maths and stuff its just what you have to read up on for the actual interview that I'm strugling with. I would realy appreciate it :) xxx
  14. Hi - I bet you wish you had never mentioned you were offering advice, but I am another prospective student with an interview in Newcastle on 18th Jan...
    I am feeling out of my depth as I am a mature student applying for the flexible distance learning Early Years / Primary PGCE and reading all these posts has started me panicking!!!
    I have never given a presentation in my life and have no topic to prepare...really don't think I could pass GCSE Maths either - HELP!
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated...
    Thank you :)
  15. Could you do the same for me? I have an interview on the 20th too veryyyy nervous my email is sarahannrobson@hotmail.co.uk

    Thanks, Sarah
  16. Hi,
    I applied last year but failed to get onto the course after failing one part so I may be able to give a little bit of advice:
    Sharon Simpsom first off don't panic everyone gets nervous. Even thought I know whats common I am still nervous.
    I would look at GCSE bitesize its really good. The maths is pretty easy (from what I remember it had some basic maths, angels and easy fractions).
    I would advise in the presentation to smile, relax and be yourself. Pick a topic you can prepare well for (that was my mistake last year I over complicated things). This year i'm looking at something along the lines of basic maths, fractions or nouns.
    Practice your presentation over and over again. Infront of people and look online for tips may help: http://www.kent.ac.uk/careers/presentationskills.htm
    Make your 5 min lesson interactive with the class etc.
    Get brushed up on educational issues as they asked me this in the interview. also they asked me about my experiences.
    Any more questions just ask.
  17. Hey,
    I'm in the same boat sarahlim, havent received my interview pack yet so im stressing bout whether we choose the topic of the presentation ourselves or it is chosen for us. any1 have any clue?

  18. Hi,
    You start preparing it now and take the lesson with you. Props is up to you but I will be e.g. worksheets for them do complete.

    My interview pack came today.
  19. Would you be allowed to take worksheets for the class if you're only allowed one arfefact?
  20. Hiya,
    I wonder could ne1 help me, I have an interview on the 17th of Jan, bt still haven't received my interview pack. Could ne1 giv me a bit of a lowdown to what the letter says, esp what the lesson plan entails.

    Thanks very much :)

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