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Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by bighayles, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Hi all,
    I have an interview for a primary PGCE at London Met in Feb. I have sereached lots of forums in order to see what previous applicants said about the interview but instead I just found a lot of slander towards the uni. I'm not interested in hearing people tell me not to go there I am a mature student and have lots of experience. In fact my second choice is Goldsmiths so I have many reasons to go to London Met. If anyone could offer any advice on an interview they have had there or if they are going to also be having one this coming February I'd really appreciate hearing your views. There aren't any threads about this and I know London Met have way too many applicants so people who have applied there/been refused/got an interview/had an interview let me know! Thanks =0)
  2. Hi bighayles,
    What a relief to know that theres someone else out there with a PGCE interview at LondonMet in Feb! I actually did my BA at LondonMet and graduated in 2009, was a great uni and had the best experience. In regards to the interview, I never thought of teaching until a few months ago so im VERY nervous and feel i'll be under prepared no matter how much I prepare. Not too sure how to prepare and tackle the interview procedure even though it has been emailed to me. I managed to get a 10 day placement (in Jan 2011) at my local school prior to the interview... not too sure about the 800-1000 word essay or the group discussion! help!

  3. Hey! Thanks for your response, Im so glad that there is finally some good words said about the uni! I live in South Korea and have been teachng here for 3 years but it is different to teaching in the UK so I have organised a placement in July in the UK. There seems to be A LOT to do for the interview, I've just been trying to research current issues that I am interested in and that are relevant to my experiences and then relating them back to the UK curriculum. I also ordered some books to try and get a grasp on the main ideas and have been reading the TES. I need to get on this course otherwise I'll have wasted 800 pound on a flight back there for no reason ah! My interview is the 9th Feb 9:30-3:30.... =0)
  4. My interview is on the 7th Feb 9.30-3.30... I am new to the teaching scene so im finding the prep a bit difficult and to be honest I only really considered the teaching path a few months ago. It's just so tough being a graduate here in the UK at the moment!! Where will you be doing your placement here in the UK? is teaching something you've always wanted to do or something you just happened to fall into? because im still questioning myself with the whole idea :s ...im sure your £800 flight will be worth it! :)
  5. Hey guys, i was just wondering how your interview went on the 9th as i have mine on tuesday and am very nervous as this is something i really want. i feel there is so much information to take in, Is it as daunting as it looks?

  6. Hey,
    The advice I can give you is make sure you have read a lot as during the group in interview they ask questions focusing on current issues and everyone has the opportunity to talk about their opinions relating to their exp. and the questions asked. Oh and you have to write an essay but its just basically what they said in the interview information. To be honest I came out of it with no idea how I have done and no one finds out until they have interviewed everyone. There is 117 places and 350 interviewees!

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