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Primary PGCE Interview, Derby. Who's had theirs?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by 22smith, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Had my interview at Derby Uni this morning and have very mixed feelings about how well I did!
    Did anyone else have theirs this morning? If so, how do you think you did? :)
  2. Had my interview at Derby Uni this morning and have very mixed feelings about how well I did!
    Did anyone else have theirs this morning? If so, how do you think you did? :)
  3. Hello!
    I'm sure you did well this morning, having mixed feelings is better than having bad feelings! I haven't had my interview today but I have one on Thursday, wondering if you could give me a bit of a heads up on what to expect? Thanks! :)
  4. Hey,

    When you have registered everyone is taken to a classroom where you will do the English, Maths and Science test. The test is simple, but under pressure it seemed worse than it is!

    Then there's a 45 minute presentation about the course, which is followed by you being split into groups and taken for your group interview.

    The group interview, I did find daunting to start with. We were asked to talk about what we've learned from our school experience. Then their were two discussions, the topic of the first was decided by the group but it was surrounding current educational issues. Then there was the discussion on behaviour management.

    Then you get a really informal one on one with the tutors that were interviewing. And they give surprise tasks too, but they seemed to vary based on groups, so won't give too much away on that one just in case it's not the same and it throws you!

    Good luck, it is a challenging few hours but everyone's in the same boat! Let me know how it goes :)
  5. I had mine on 13th in the morning too. Was a lot more relaxed than I expected. I think I was in a nice subgroup as everyone gave each other a chance to speak, which was the bit I was most frightened of... Passed those test things (thankfully!)... It's going to b a long wait:(
  6. Yes, I had mine on Tuesday too. I also have mixed feelings! It didn't go drastically bad, but I was a bit scared by the amount of really good candidates there - felt slightly out of my depth! I did fine on the tests, but worried I rambled a bit too much at the group interview! Oh well, we shall see.
    Apparently TDA have released their allocation numbers, so hopefully it shouldn't be too long before we find out!
  7. I totally agree about the standard of candidates! And there was such a variety as well. I think it's hard about the group discussion as I dont know, like you, if I said too much or not enough.

    Where did you hear about the tda allocations??
  8. Somebody mentioned it on another thread on here, and also on thestudentroom forums. Saying that, I don't think numbers have been published publicly, only to the institutions. I'm hoping there aren't drastically fewer places!
  9. That's how I feel - I don't think I did badly, but the other candidates seemed so strong.. And I was shaking with nerves so not sure how I came across lol! Hopefully we all make it!!!
  10. Just been reading another forum and someone has just been invited to their pgce interview at derby on 6th jan....I wonder how many assessment mornings/afternoons they're having?
  11. That's me!! Lol, yes interview on 6th Jan, eek!
  12. Haha yes it was! Best of luck for jan, not sure what's worse, thinking about ur interview over Xmas or waiting for an answer! I'd love to know how many people are being interviewed....not that it'll help though I guess!
  13. Thank you! Much needed.... Really want this big time!!! Haha... Dont know of anyone else being interviewed on the same date. Maybe u can help with this Q... Ive applied for Early Years, but apparently there are a tiny number of EY places, :( ... I should have applied for General, if theres no space on EY can they put me on Gen?
  14. I know how you feel! on the day you get a 45 minute talk....I do remember the lady saying that whichever course you get offered (i.e. EY or gen) take it, as its easier to then move across to what you want to do in the "real world"....I can't remember if she specifically mentioned EY but I guess its implied that you could be offered any of the types of courses...its ridiculous as I know we have to wait until feb to find out but doesn't stop me checking GTTR "just in case" haha!
  15. Thank you shazzyl!!! That's put my mind at ease, I'll take ANY offer that (hopefully) comes my way, lol!
  16. Aime

    Aime New commenter

    Hi, I had an interview on the 15th and I am constantly checking track! a couple of people on thestudentroom have mentioned that their gttr status has changed to unsucessful... :-( its driving me mad not knowing!
  17. Really?! I'm as obsessed with studentrooms/tes as gttr and hadn't seen that!!! I'd b tempted to b slightly optimistic that mine hasn't changed but in my group there was a girl who went through the process last year. She said some people got a no straight away but she didn't get a no for ages. When she asked why, it was because she got v close to a place but narrowly missed out!!!:( by that time her second choice etc were full!!
  18. Aime

    Aime New commenter

    yeah search for pgce derby, there are a couple of threads relating to it. its a nightmare waiting! when did you have your interview?
  19. Thanks, Yeah looks like they found out pretty quick... My interview was on the 13th.
  20. Only had my interview this morning and I'm already checking GTTR like a maniac! Silly I know! I just want this so much!

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