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Primary PGCE Interview at UEL

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Sarah24121, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I've got my Primary PGCE interview at UEL on 25th January. Think I'll be OK on my lesson plan but does anyone know what the Maths, English and ICT tasks are like? Am thinking it won't be a test as it says task but don't know what a Maths one could be.
    And any tips on potential questions for the interview would be greatfully received.
    Good luck everyone!
    Sarah x
  2. Thanks so much nyla! How did you get on?
  3. How did you get on Sarah? I have mine on the 14th and am getting really nervous. How were the tasks and was it group based?
  4. HI

    I have my interview next week for primary pgce...very nervous!!

    How did it go for you?

    Bit Worried about the lesson plan....

    Any help much appreciated...:D
  5. Hiya,
    Hope your interview went well. I also have one approaching. Very nervous!
    Was wondering if you could let me know how it went. In particular the actual
    interview questions. How many interviewees were present and what questions did they ask you.
    I would really appreciate a response.
    sdac [​IMG]
  6. Check www.educationposts.ie everything you need is here re the interview. I got accepted today with a conditional offer.. best of luck
  7. Hi
    BGIRENE how long after your interview did they get back to you? I had mine two weeks ago and still waiting to hear from them......
  8. irishthatshowiroll

    irishthatshowiroll New commenter

    Hi I cant remember my password so i opened another account. Anyway it was a good month later but thats because of the Unis not knowing how many places they would have. Your best bet is to ring them up as I know loads who got an answer over the phone. Best of Luck..
    Anyone have to do the Math Equivalency exam>? Any info would be great.

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