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Primary PGCE Interview at LondonMet Please Helpppp!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by FarhaP, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. I have a primary pgce interview coming up in Feb and need to explore current issues in education. Im totally new to the teaching scene so not sure whether im on the right track but so far I have the following issues;
    Funding (Pupil Premium)
    National Curriculum Reform
    New Schools System (Academies)
    Learning Gap Between Rich and Poor (inequality)
    Children to be Test for Reading Ability at the age of Six/Boys Making Little Progress

    I need help on how these issues may affect teaching and learning in the inner-city. Im not even sure if im on the right track in relation to the issues!
  2. Hi I have a interview 25th Jan at lsbu...and I was advised to look at bbc, times guardian for issues. Good luck I am not much help as its my first time...do u work in a school at al?
  3. Hey Sara160. I was advised the same by my careers advisor and thats where I got all the current issues from, its just confusing because theres so much! Im new to the whole teaching scene too, that's why Im finding it so difficult! ...I dont have any school experience but i have managed to get a 10 day placement at a school near me end of Jan ... how about you?
  4. I refered to the White Paper to get ideas on issues. My plan is to learn a lot about 2 or 3 issues rather than very little about lots of different ones. You will find that the interviewer will want you to be able to talk about 1 or 2 at them at depth rather than just rattle off a list of them. Good luck xxx
  5. Thanks Cherrie 163 --I iwll do the same...learn 2-3 in depth...where is your interview? and when? I am so nervous?
  6. thanks Cherri163... that probably is the most sensible/strategic thing to do, otherwise i'll have no hair left at the end of all this! do either of you have an teaching experience?? I feel like I don't really have a chance of getting a place on the course due to my lack of/no experience. Its all so confusing and new for me :s

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