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Primary PGCE interview at Edge Hill

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by shelly1986, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have my interview for my primary PGCE at Edge Hill next week. I was wondering if anyone was on that course last year and had any advice? Also if anyone wants to get in touch that is applying this year! Would be great to know a few people!

    Many thanks
  2. Hi, is your interview on the 1st? Starting to feel extremely nervous!! Are you prepared? X
  3. Hi, I had an interview on the 1st- are you still waiting to hear back?
  4. Hi, I have my interview at Edge Hill next wednesday- would you offer any advice. Anything you suggest I focus on? Congratulations on getting a place.
  5. Hey Charlotte
    Erm it's hard to tell you anything too specific because I am sure they change the questions, the knowledge exams were more GCSE level than KS2 level though so i'd have a look at GCSE bitesize stuff if I was you! I had got revisons guides for KS2 and it wasn't enough. I'm not how much experience you have in schools but it would definitely help to know the structure of a lesson and how to plan one for the group task! Good luck! I'm sure you'll be fine!
  6. Hi all,
    I have a Primary PGCE interview at Edge Hill in a few weeks (GULP!)
    Has anyone got any tips/advice for a very nervous interviewee??
    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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