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Primary PGCE interview at Cumbria university

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by nikkip1036, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Hi, I've just got word that I have an interview with Cumbria university for the Carlisle campus for the general primary pgce course starting in September 2010. Just wondering if there is anyone who has had an interview with Cumbria , and what in involved in the interview day. I have previously had an interview with newcastle university, so I have interview experience. I have a group discussion on the elements of an effective classroom and two ten minute interviews. If anyone can give me advice or tell me about the group discussions or interviews I would be really grateful. Thanks nikki
  2. Hi,

    From experience at another UOC campus, the group interview for applicants for 2009 entry (at least our lot) was being given a list of 20 elements of an effective classroom, of which we had to chuck out the 5 least important and rank the others in order (things like computers, nice displays, IWBs etc). One of the individual interviews was of the general "why do you want to be a teacher" variety in which experience, motivation and reflection was discussed, and the other was on an important current issue in education. Hope this helps!
  3. Hi, thanks for your information, I have some sort of idea now wat will be discussed and what they are looking for. Also I have been for an interview with Newcastle and their interview was 20 mins so two ten minute interview seems better to split it.
    Did u get on to the course??
    Thanks again.
  4. Hi, don't know if you've had your interview yet but if not, just relax and enjoy the day! I had an interview there in February (and got a place). They're really friendly and try to get the best out of you. I was a nervous wreck when I arrived but they were so nice to me that I was able to calm down and show them who I am instead of screwing up like in all my previous interviews!

    My day was formatted like this: arrive, brief talk about the campus and UOC in general, campus tour, lunch, then sent off with fellow applicants to a room where there's a brief talk about the PGCE and everything it entails. After that, you're split up for your group interview (four or five per group) and taken to a separate room by one of the tutors. The task is as the poster above described: 20 or so 'elements of an effective classroom' - as a group you have to discuss them and prioritise them, whittling your final list down to just 10 elements. They won't expect you to finish the task, by any means - they just want to see that you can effectively discuss the different issues surrounding classroom environment, etc.
    After the group interview you'll have your two 10 minute interviews (mine didn't last nearly that long). In each interview you're basically asked two questions, but there's lots of room to expand on your answers. And like I said, they're really friendly and will honestly try to get the best out of you! So just relax and don't worry. I'll stop rambling now... Good luck! :)
  5. Hi hcdawson
    Thanks again for replying on my posts!!! lol so nice that someone out there actually does reply!! lol
    I said in my other post there that my interview is on the 5th of may, for general primary at carlisle.
    Thanks for your information about the plan of the day, very informative :). Im looking forward to the tour of the campus and everything really think it will be really good and a real ice breaker as it were just to calm the nerves. I do get quite nervous so doing this layout on the day will calm me anyways!!
    For the group interview about the effective classroom, did u obv speak up alot about the elements and were the elements like the layout, colour, the content and structure, etc. Also for the interview do they ask you questions like why do you want to be a teacher? What skills ake a good teacher? Experience? im wrecking my brains trying to think what else they could ask. Any help would be great!!!

    Thanks again! :)

  6. You're welcome! I just remember how annoyed I got when no one replied to my 'Help!' threads last year, so thought I'd help someone out this year :)

    Group interview: they give you a list of things you might find in a classroom. Physical things like: interactive whiteboard, computers, library, wall displays, carpet area, etc, and a few others like 'sense of humour'. You just had to discuss which you thought would be most useful for a classroom to have, and why. I didn't speak up loads, just made sure I added my own thoughts to the discussion of each item. There was one girl who was dominating the conversation and trying to take the lead - don't know if she got a place or not.

    My individual interviews were a bit of a blur! First one was with a really nice woman who is the RE tutor for the PGCE course. I remember one of the questions was 'what skills do you think you have that will make you a good teacher?' or something along those lines. It didn't seem like two specific questions though - the whole thing kind of blended into a discussion.

    The second individual interview was with the main course tutor guy. I had to choose a recent educational issue to tell him about (picked the new primary curriculum) and told him all I could remember, which wasn't very much due to nerves! Then he asked me to think of a lesson I'd seen that I thought was effective and explain why. That one was a bit easier.

    Anyway, hope that all helps! Like I said before, just be yourself and I bet you'll be fine :)
  7. Yea i sure i was pretty annoying no one answering. Youve been so helpful, some people wouldnt even tell anything about the interview because its so competitve.
    Which campus did u get a place at? My interview is for Carlisle campus. Were are you from? Im from northern ireland, have been trying for two years to get a place on a pgce course so trying and getting an interview is great, though im abit nervous about leaving home.
    Sounds like the whole process wasnt as bad as other interviews ive had. For the newcastle interview i had to take a lesson and teach to other applicants. So nerve wracking!! lol
    Thanks again for all your help :)
  8. I too have an interview but its for Uni of Cumbria in London.
    Im worried about the recent topic ive to talk about!
  9. My place is at Carlisle, and I'm from near Barrow-in-Furness.

    Also had been trying since Sept 2008 to get a place so really glad I've finally got there! No more rejections after interviews :)

    I'm worried about leaving home too, but it's only an hour and a half away so hopefully I won't have to leave everything behind. Have already discussed it all with my boyfriend and we're going to try and take it in turns to visit each weekend. He can't move up to Carlisle with me unfortunately cause of his job :( But it might actually work out better that way - he won't have to see me mid-week when I'm all stressed out with lesson planning!

    Also, yeah, the Carlisle interview process isn't nearly as bad as other PGCE interviews I've had. It's so relaxed, and there are no tests to do! At Manchester interviews I had to do a literacy, numeracy AND a science test, as well as prepare a five minute presentation for my interview. It was so stressful. But this was completely different - they made me feel so confident because I was CALM! I'm sure it'll be the same for you.
  10. Hi have you had your interview?? mine is on wednesday and i am really stuck on what they can ask on this Jenny Moon article, i read on the student rooms that someone got asked how they have been reflective in life which has completely thrown me, as how can you write an accademic essay using the article on that?? Could i ask what your question was like??
    If you could give me any information on the the interview it would be greatly appreciated :)

    Thanks xxx
  11. Hello, I have been given the same article to start in Sept this year. Did anyone get back to you? Regards

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