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Primary PGCE interview - Anglia Ruskin

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by djaye14, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Hello!
    I have an interview for Primary PGCE at Anglia Ruskin (Chelmsford) on 19th Jan!
    Have already had an interview at UEA but got rejected :( I sort of know what to expect, but still worrying!!
    Has anyone else applied/got an interview with ARU?
    Has anyone been for interview? If you have could you tell me what the tasks/interview were like? Especially the maths test!
    Thanks! x
  2. Hello!
    I have an interview for Primary PGCE at Anglia Ruskin (Chelmsford) on 19th Jan!
    Have already had an interview at UEA but got rejected :( I sort of know what to expect, but still worrying!!
    Has anyone else applied/got an interview with ARU?
    Has anyone been for interview? If you have could you tell me what the tasks/interview were like? Especially the maths test!
    Thanks! x
  3. To be honest with you I don't think it would make much of a difference that you are already studying with them. But hey I might be wrong!
    No by scenario questions I mean more like....what would you do if. E.g. You are in a classroom and one of the children runs out of the room suddenly, upset. What would you do in this situation?
    That's not a particularly good example, but you can't really prepare for questions like that, you just have to go on your gut reaction at the time as they could give you any number of scenarios!
    It seems they have changed the interview process a little from last year though, so it would be a good idea to prepare those 'give us an example of a time' questions too and whatever else you can come across!
    Training is all about being reflective - noticing when something has gone badly, identifying what you would do differently next time and then making the change to become a better teacher, so I would advise you to get that idea across if they ask you qualities of a good teacher or anything like that.
  4. I would like to think it will help me out lol!
    I will definitely prepare some scenario questions, but also attempt to answer them with my work experience and what I've encountered there too.
    Yeah, I know they have changed the process. Was a bit concerned coz people I know had a group interview etc, seems much easier! In the interview email it just says to research into teaching and teaching news etc...!

  5. Hey,

    I'm the same, currently at ARU Cambridge with an interview at Chelmsford on Fri 20th, so nervous!!
    I've been thinking about scenario questions as well in preparation for the interview.
    Been on gcse bite size for maths and English revision which I have found useful. I have a friend that went to an interviewiat aru Peterborough earlier today and said that the maths test wasn't too bad and that the English test had a bit about spelling, grammar and then some questions on an article. I imagine that ours will be pretty similar!

    Good luck :) xo
  6. Hey charlotte91x,
    Ah right, really?! What are you studying?! Good luck for your interview! Mines tomorrow!
    Yeah I have heard the maths test is pretty basic (doing some maths now as we speak!) and I reckon the english test is like the QTS skills tests. It has a spelling part, grammar part, and a comprehension part (check them out on the TDA website!)
    Ahhh cool! I've been speaking to someone on here who had an interview at peterborough today, dont know if her interview was this morning or this afternoon but she said she was gonna fill me in on the types of questions and stuff!
  7. Yeah, I'm studying English Language and Linguistics, how about you? Good luck to you as well :)

    Lol, so am I, it's crazy how much there is too remember! Ah that's great, thank you, Gunna go have a look at that now.

    Oo really that'll be handy! My friend said she was asked the obvious things like 'Why do you think you'd make a good teacher' and then things like 'What do you think you'll be learning on this course/ how will you manage the modules alongside the placement work'. Doesn't sound too bad.

    She did say that Peterbourough only had 30 places too offer tho which is worrying! And that there were a lot of mature students with lots of experience within schools. Also worrying for me as I don't have too much experience yet!

    Do you have a lot of experience within schools and stuff?
  8. I'm surprised I have never seen you! I study English Literature!! We may have crossed paths in some modules :p lol.
    Yeah they do normally ask obvious questions. I already have been for one interview at UEA (was my first choice) but didnt get through :( it's made me prepare better for this one though! And like your friend has said, it was full of mature students and people who had taken a year out so they had bags more experience than me. I was also the only one who came from a different uni in my group, and for some reason it felt like they favoured their own.
    Yeah the allocation for ARU is 63... so split between pboro and chelmo! The allocations are awful this year. UEA had 182 but they were one of the first courses to fill. I've sorta realised since being on this application process that this is much more difficult than i anticipated to get on. So if I dont get into ARU I shouldnt feel too disheartened and that I can always try again next year. I really didnt want to take a year out tho! Guess it'd be good to get more experience though, like TA work and that.
    Yeah, don't worry, I don't have oodles of experience either! I spent 2 days a week September-December in Primary school with Foundation stage and KS1. Really need much more but as you probably know its hard doing a degree and this at the same time! xx
  9. Wow really what a small world! Yeah I bet we have lol, especially as I took lit 1 & 2 modules during my 1st/2nd years!
    Oh no, yeah at least you know what's coming this time and are well prepared. I have only applied for Chelmsford as everywhere else is quite far away from where I live, so I'm really really hoping to get in.
    Ahh that doesn't sound too good! At least if they favour their own here then it'll be a good thing for us lol.
    Oh my God I didn't know that, I was hoping Chelmsford would have more places as its way bigger :( that's ridiculous. Same here, I had no idea how difficult it was going to be or how little places there are, it's going to be really tough to get in then. Oh well, positive thinking :) lol.
    Yeah, that's my plan too if I don't get accepted this time. Really just want to do it now though!
    That's good, yeah it's so hard. I was only able to do one day a week as I had the worst timetable ever lol; it was like 2 hours a day right in the middle of the day, so with travel there was barely any time for anything either side. So annoying. I've spent some time in KS2 and 3 tho over my second year and last semester which was good.
    At least doing both should show that we are eager and committed tho, hopefully they'll understand and give us a chance :) !
    Those practice papers are really good, thanks xx
  10. Yeah I probably did see you then in first year lol, I took both those modules.
    I'm the same. I applied for UEA, Chelmsford and SCITT in Suffolk and Norfolk. I live in Ipswich, hence why I chose those. Havent heard anything from SCITT so reckon I was unsuccessful there, so Chelmsford is my last chance saloon for this year! I'm starting to get really nervous now, and I'm running out of things to prepare now lol!
    It's really just the experience I'm lacking on tbh - everything else sounds good. I'm very determined (I did a maths GCSE part time in my second year of uni... it was HARD!) and have a great passion for teaching! Just hope they see that, coz my nerves do tend to get to me lol!
    No problem about the QTS papers, probably the same format as the ones we'll get. Probably multiple choice for spelling, have to insert punctuation in a passge, and then answer questions for comprehension!
  11. That's so strange lol.
    Ah you might still hear from the other one, I thought that they were meant to tell you either way.
    Same lol frying my brain with all this maths.
    Sounds good. I get real nervous too, it's horrid.
    Yeah I reckon it'll be really similar!
    Good luck today :) let me know how it is xx
  12. Hey,
    I didnt think it went very well, but normally when I think things go bad they go good looooooool!
    The maths test was very easy, dont worry about it! And so was the english test!
    The interview is where I think I've fallen, Very very wordy questions so you have to listen carefully, they are not straightforward. Think my nerves got the better of me at times! x
  13. Yeah sure it was fine, lol hopefully :)
    Oh that's good then!
    Oh no really, what kind are they? Like scenarios or ? Can you remember an example? Really worried now lol xx
  14. Yeah a lot of them were scenario based... they asked things like, 'Describe a situation where children have learnt, you have learnt and the teacher has learnt' - and it has to be the same situation. They also ask a question on learning experiences and what would make you a good teacher. I can't really remember many! But they have like blocks of questions and each block has 2 or 3 questions, where then 3 questions are in one of those questions! (If that makes sense lol!) It's very complicated, just make sure you listen out for the actual question coz they disguise it with scenario stuff! I didnt get to say half the stuff I wanted about my experience really! But honestly don't worry they are so lovely at Chelmsford, so I'm sure they will be at pboro!
    Good luck and let me know how you get on! x
  15. Hey...
    Thank you, Sorry I'm just replying, didnt see your answer the other night and was so tired after yesterday lol. I was the last one to be interviewed and didn't end up leaving there until gone 5, it was a long stressful wait.
    Yeah mine sounds very similar to that. It wasn't nice lol. I agree I didn't get too say half of what I wanted too either.
    I was at Chelmsford too, and they were really nice yeah, I liked the campus too, felt really spacious compared to ours.
    I feel I tried by best but with all the experience and the limited places I won't be surprised if its a no for me this time, and thinking about it, it would be nice to earn for a year!
    Just gotta wait and see now, I hope they don't take too long, let me know if you hear anything :) xx
  16. I had an interview at ARU Peterborough this week too. I received a letter from the GTTR this morning saying that a 'stop' has been put on my application because ARU need longer to consider, did anyone else get one of these? At the interview they said that they were still waiting for their allocations from the TDA before they could make offers so I'm presuming that's why, but I recently read that all unis had already got all their allocations so I'm a bit confused! Hope they don't keep us waiting too long... good luck to everyone!
  17. Hey, yeah I got this letter as well today. Mine was dated 18th tho and the interview was on the 20th which is strange.. They told us the same at our interview so I'm just going to go with that and presume that's what the letter means. They told us that they hadn't got their allocations yet, and the little pink booklet that we were given said the same, maybe just some unis have already got them but ARU hasn't, im confused too lol.
    And at Chelmsford on Friday the admissions lady told us that they had started making some decisions based on the earlier interviews.
    Hopefully they tell us by the end of jan/ first half of feb !
    Good luck to you as well :) x
  18. Hey,
    Same for me aswell, I'm on stop too. Glad I saw these posts coz I started getting confused.
    How did your interview go charlotte? x
  19. Sorry Charlotte just saw your post about the interview.... silly me! I havent been on here for a few days so not up to date with all the posts - I went to London for the weekend. Was nice to chill after such a hectic week!
    Would be great news if we both got on the course :D Would be nice to finally meet you, even if we have probably crossed paths in the past lol! But I know what you mean about the interview... you just dont feel like you've done enough!
    Just seen yours has been put on stop too, mine has aswell! Think its a good thing in a way though! :D
    Omg the funniest but worst thing EVER happened on my interview day! I got to Chelmsford early and had a bit of lunch in the cafe there. I suffer from back strain occasionally, and I coughed and strained so hard I hurt my back! I was in SO SO much pain! I couldnt move! And this was 30mins before my interview! I hobbled over to the pharmacy across the road and luckily got some strong painkillers that took most of it away, but I couldnt sit well throughout my interview!
    Also they told some of our group the wrong room number! So five of us were sitting in a room together and no one turned up... then all of a sudden a girl in our group got a phone call asking where she was.... they then started to rant on about FIVE of us being late, and it was actually them in the wrong! We got a massive apology! What a polava!
    Yeah I LOVE Chelmsford Campus. I really want to go! x
  20. Hi Sally,
    Don't worry about the tests, they arent there to trick you out or anything!
    The maths test was pretty basic... just revise fractions, ratio, shape, algebra... look on the BBC Bitesize, it will help.
    The english test is a TDA skills test, which you can find on the TDA website (practice papers). There isnt an article, you just have sections on spelling, grammar, punctuation and comprehension.
    Also to others who have been interviewed, have you had a reply yet?! STILL WAITING!!
    Danielle x

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