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Primary PGCE Hull

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kpmills, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Hi has anyone heard back from interview (20th December) at Hull yet?
  2. Hi, no ive not heard from them yet although no news is good news and all that!
  3. Well its what everyone keeps telling me! I had my interview in the afternoon, was yours in the morning? I take it it was freezing then as well? Ah I didnt know they had two more days so that could be a reason but I suspect its the lack of any news from the dfe about funding. The gttr also says that training providers have until the end of january to make decisions for all applicant who applied before 1st december so hopefully the wait will soon be over. Best of luck to you too!
  4. Thanks! Mine was in the morning, yes it was so cold I kept dropping my pen during the written task and during the presentation my teeth were chattering. I think the next interviews are the 14th and 20th of Jan. You are right, the reason for the delay is probably the funding issue. I am worried that the gttr will automatically send on my application to my second choice before Hull decide what they are doing with it. Just wish they would let us know if they are going to reject us before places begin to fill elsewhere.

  5. Yeah I had similar problems, during the individual interview both the tutor and me were visibly shaking! Ahh I didnt know that they had more interviews this week and next. That could be another reason. Ahhh I dont know really, Im just sick of waiting now! I have that worry also, but I think everyone is aware of the situation so it should resolve itself without too much trouble on our part. Yeah I'd prefer to be rejected sooner rather that later but they must know that and therefore think (hope) Im on some kind of waiting list. How did you find the interview anyway?
  6. I thought that whole process wasn't too bad really. My individual interview went ok I think, the maths test was fine. Not sure about the written task but I think I was so cold my mind went numb and the presentation wasn't as bad as I imagined it to be. What about your?
  7. I got a letter offering me a place this morning (subject to funding of course) [​IMG]

  8. Congratulations! I also recieved an offer for a place subject to funding this morning! Hopefuly the spending review will be annouced sooner rather than later!
  9. Well done to you both!

    I have an interview on Friday. Did you get asked much about the national curriculum? I've been trying to swot up on it but worried if they ask me in depth specifics then I won't be able to answer.
  10. The individual interview ask questions on why you want to be a teacher etc and which area of the curriculum you feel is your most strongest/weakest area but no real indepth questions. Good luck!
  11. Thanks! Well firstly I wouldnt worry too much about questions on the curriculum. I was asked the above questions as well. Although the only difference was that I was also asked how I wanted or felt that the national curriculum should devlop in the future. I answered by talking about more emphasis on IT and sports to create well rounded individuals, and how I wanted to see more cross curricular activities.
    I hope that helps and the best of luck to you! Let us know how you get on.
  12. Well done rgb 732, look forward to meeting you if we both manage to keep our offers....I was also aked how I felt the national curriculum should develop and I think I discussed with the interviewer about a local element being incorporated into it as well as a focus on ICT. The interviewer was really nice and made you feel relaxed so don't worry too much!
  13. Thanks, yeah it will be nice to meet you. Try not to worry too much about the offer, I keep hearing that the cuts wont be too bad as they dont have time to restructure for next year but the year after will be hit hard. In fairness I dont really know what to believe but at the end of the day its as good of a yes as we're going to get at this stage!

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