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Primary PGCE/GTP Guidance Please!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by miliemac, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Hello, i applied for the primary PGCE last sept/oct to start sept 2012 but unfortunately i did not get through to interview at either NTU or Derby. I gained a degree in 2011 (BSc Sport Science and Equitation Coaching) at 2.2 level. I have only had two weeks work experience in a primary school working with both KS1 and 2 as i struggled to hear back from schools for more work experience. Although i have had alot of experience with children around horses. Do you think the 2.2 and only two weeks work exp is letting me down? I have recently been searching whether to apply for the GTP option but i have been told to only choose a GTP with PGCE. Can anybody give me some guidance on how i can become a primary school teaching as its something i would just love to do but feel i am getting nowhere at the moment. Is it worth becoming at teaching assistant before? will this aid me in becoming a primary school teacher? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  2. Hi,
    I am currently on GTP. My degreen was a BSc Hons Equine Business Management and I got a 2:1 overall. I applied for PGCEs and GTPs in the last few months of my degree with 10 days experience and was unsucessful. I carried on voluntary work for the last 5 months of my degree and completed my TA2 qualification and did 7 weeks supply work as a TA at the end of the summer term. I then got a job as a cover supervisor at a primary school and worked there for all of the last school year and I managed to get onto a GTP this year. I persoanlly would advise you to try and get a job in a school for a year and be involved as much as you can in any training and CPD opportunities. This will also show your willingness to traing and improve yourself when you apply again too :)
    The GTP is amazing but is definitely hard work. Had I not had the experience I had before starting it I definitely would have found it incredibly hard and wouldn't have had the condidence I had when I started! Hope this helps a bit!
  3. Hi there,
    Having just seen you message I was wondering if you would be able to tell me what your workload is like and what is expected of you? I have been successful in gaining a place on a PGCE to start in Sept 2012 and I am waiting to hear back about whether or not I have got an interview for the GTP. Also, may I ask if you are being paid the unqualified teacher salary as I have read stories on the forums of students on the course being paid TA rate.

    Many thanks
  4. Thank you very much! That helps a lot. Did you take the TA2 exams through the school you worked for or independently? I have found it very difficult to get any response back from schools to gain work experience with them. Was the voluntary work you did in a school?
  5. Well done for getting onto the PGCE! I don;t really know how similar it is to PGCE in terms of work load but i expect it's quite different. Your in school from the start of term, and your teaching load gradually increases. It started at 20% of the time table, increasing to 40%, I'm on 50% at the moment and go onto 60% after half term. Summer term is 80%. So alongside planning for your teaching we have to do a weekly reflective log, SEN child study, some directed subject based action research and a knowledge audit of 5 primary curriculum areas. We get alot of training and get to do some in other schools too. So in all it's quite alot! Yes thats the salary I am on.
  6. My TA2 course was through an external provider but I did all the work in my school and the assessor came to the school I was working in to observe a few times. Yes the voluntary work was in my local primary school.

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