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Primary PGCE Failing

Discussion in 'Primary' started by milliebear1, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Is the only issue time management, or are there other things impeding your performance? If the problems are due to mental health probs - are you being treated for these? Is this the best time to be doing a stressful qualification like PGCE? Can you defer if necessary and come back when you are fully fit?
    You should be getting clear advice on the things that are unsatisfactory - are you? Have you a plan for how you will make them satisfactory?
  2. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    they're unlikely to pull you out for less than serious issues.
    1. if you have mental health problems, consider - it's stressful now, it will very likely continue to be so, once you are qualified and are in a post.
    2. get some help with sorting the money out, NOW.
    3. you have to be really honest with yourself about what's gone wrong. you're probably not in denial about your abilities/problems, but just check...
    4. if you're getting support, follow it. do everything they tell you. get your **** in gear with time management because you will need it sorted, for the rest of your career.
    5. good luck!
  3. I just wanted to update you on this concern. I completed my refered placement in July and recieved an overall grade of Good, though there were elements of outstanding.
    My tutor (who saw me at both school placements) cannot believe the progress I made as my first lesson observation, which was my second lesson with the class, was graded as a good.
    Looks like things are on the up.

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