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Primary PGCE Coleraine

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by jonny-07, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I have the 2nd stage of my interview at the start of february. It includes a 10 minute interview and a 30 minute written task (which concerns me). Does anyone know what topics may be asked about regarding the written task?

  2. Hi,
    I have the 2nd stage of my interview at the start of february. It includes a 10 minute interview and a 30 minute written task (which concerns me). Does anyone know what topics may be asked about regarding the written task?

  3. Hi,

    I have mine on the 1st February also and I'm a bit afraid that they are just going to grill us and ask awkward questions. I hope someone can give us some tips on this..

    What day is your interview??
  4. Hi,

    I also have my interview at the start of february, the 4th to be precise. I'm not as worried about the written task compared to the interview itself. From what i have heard, the written task is mainly to test your grammar and spelling, and that the content of what you write is not the main focus. Although this may not be 100% so don't take my word for it. Feel so unprepared an nervous!! Good luck with your interview...
  5. Hey everybody....still waiting to hear something from coleraine:-( how did all of your interviews go? Last year the written task was "What is your educational philosophy?" was it similar this year? Also, does anybody know why they have now divided the interview into two parts..last year it was only one which was much more convenient for travel etc.
    PS. does anybody know when places will be offered, as I am yet to recieve any type of interview and am thinking it is probably too late for me:-(

  6. Hey Im yet to recieve any interview...does this mean it is probably too late?
    Also does anybody know why the interview stages have been divided this year? Last year it was one interview which was handier for travel etc.
    How did your interviews go? Last year the written task was "What is your educational philosophy?" was it similar this year.
    Did they say when they would notify you if you got a place? Its not looking good at this point for me to get an interview...should I call them?
    Sorry about all the questions......just helpful to speak to people who have also applied:)
  7. I have my PGCE Primary Interview on the 24 February at London Metropolitan University.

    If you havent received yours till now, I think you should call them up.

    Anybody have the interview at London Metropolitan University on 24 Feb or has already done with one?

    Am a bit nervous and would like know what type of questions were asked ?

    Do students come from across the world for PGCE to UK?


  8. Hey,
    I have a first stage storytelling session on the 22nd, did any of you have to do this? how intimidating was it? I think I would prefer to do the scary panel interview instead! lol
    any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated :)
  9. Hey! thanks for your reply, i had it there this morning, and you are definately right about not expecting the interviewers to be friendly! On hindsight it seems a bit ridiculous to drag you all the way to coleraine for a 5 min story telling session, i was a bit taken aback because i assumed they would at least ask SOME questions, but no, they didnt even so much as comment! It will be interesting to see how soon they get back to us now, has anyone else heard yet? :)
    oh btw i did "Rainbow Fish" complete with homemade octopus, it made me laugh, if not them lol
  10. I know tbh i think that is an absolute joke....and it really wouldnt kill them to give some feedback especially after the effort we put in! Last year at the interview they asked about qualities of a teacher, and changes to school budget(which i thought was odd)lol

    They eventually got back to me! Ive got the story-telling on Friday, and this year Im not going all out cause it did nothing for me last year. Last year I made my own story book and hand puppet and told what i thought was a pretty witty story. This year Im telling the quite boring "very hungry caterpillar' with a slideshow. Seriously Im beginning to wonder what these people want!lol
    PS love the story choice!lol Best of luck......Il let you know how i got on,
  11. Hey...so did my interview today, and was surprised to see they were different interviewers from last year! As usual it was like telling a brick wall a story, expressionless faces!lol however other interviewees said they too got this! Glad its all over and done with just can wait to hear back now :)
  12. Hi,
    I also have a first stage storytelling session next week in Coleraine for the PGCE.
    Could you tell me what you had to do, is it just basically telling a childs story,??
    Did you use props?
    I am really freaking out!!!
  13. Hi I had my interview on the 1st of February aswell, but its been 2 months and I still havn't heard back, pullin my hair out! wish they would just put me out of my mysery! Have you or do you know of anyone else who has heard yet?! its not fair that they make you wait for soo long! I think my interview went ok, but I panicked when I heard that they were extending the deadline for applications. What time was your interview at on the 1st, mine was in the half 9 slot.
  14. thanks sooo much for the info! hopefully your friend is right, its a joke being made to wait 2 months!! I rang a couple of weeks ago and they said "we are sorting it for you now" whatever that means. I enquired about the extension when I heard and thats what they said to me aswell. well good luck and I hope that we will be seeing each other in september! thanks again its nice to no that im not the only one hanging, and that my postman hasn't accidentally lost my letter!
  15. Hi I am just wondering if you have had any response from Coleraine yet??? I know of 5 people who received acceptance letters yesterday (sat) but unfortunately i did receive any form of letter so I am assuming that it is not good news - Don't want to jump the gun but this is what I am guessing... Just wanted to let you know,

  16. Hi, yes i also recieved an acceptance letter on Sat the 23rd of April, maybe they havent sent them all at once. Have you heard anything yet?
    I'm really happy, but a bit nervous. Has anyone heard that they have got a place,it would be nice to hear from you [​IMG]

  17. Hi, well done that's great news. Unfortunately I am just on the reserve list so its all another waiting game to hope that someone declines their offer which is higher unlikely I think. Well done on gettign yours tho, you must be chuffed!!
  18. Yeah im really pleased. Still cant believe i got on. Anyway i hope you get a place, stay positive, and keep me updated [​IMG]

  19. I have stage one on the 29th of nov 2011.. has anyone did the storytelling and actually got through. Any tips would be appriciated [​IMG]
  20. Hi well done on getting to stage 1-is this for primary pgce?how did it go? i have applied but so far haven't heard anything. waiting patiently [​IMG]

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