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Primary PGCE @ Carlisle (8th Sept)

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by PinkStar08, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone!

    Is anyone else starting their Primary PGCE @ Carlisle?
    Would love to hear from anyone!

  2. Hi everyone!

    Is anyone else starting their Primary PGCE @ Carlisle?
    Would love to hear from anyone!

  3. lyndz_84

    lyndz_84 New commenter

    Hi ya!!!
    Just been readin through all the posts and just seen yours. I know its a bit late but i'm startin PGCE Primary at Carlisle in Sept. Quite lookin forward to it but also extremely nervous!!
  4. Hii
    I'm starting Primary PGCE (in lower primary) at Carlisle in September [​IMG] Is anyone else doing lower primary? I wish I'd taken some email addresses on the interview day!
    What is everyone doing for accomodation? Any advice would be greatly appreciated [​IMG]
  5. lyndz_84

    lyndz_84 New commenter

    Hi ya,

    I'm doing my PGCE at Carlisle too but i'm doing straight primary. I know the feeling, i met some lovely people on the day of my interview but never even thought to get e mail addresses which i'm really regrettin now!! I'll be moving to Carlisle from Northern Ireland, the accomodation office got me a house share. I'm sharing with 7 other girls!!! Jan Carruthers would be the person to talk too. Also on the University website they give details on how to find accomodation if the University isn't able to get you somewhere.

    Hope this helps :)
  6. Hey all,
    Im doing PGCE Primary (lower) at Carlisle in Sept, really lookng forward to it but nervous too! I have my accommodation sorted, i just used the private sector database on the Cumbria website and emailed some landlords to get photos sent. Luckily a girl i met through my interview contacted me and we were able to share but if you get in touch with landlords they should be able to help you out. Im coming over from Northern Ireland aswell so it was a bit daunting trying to get it all sorted but it all worked out in the end!
    Best of luck in finding somewhere![​IMG]
  7. Hey -

    I wonder if you can help me at all. I just need some advice....

    I am moving to Carlisle in the next few months from London and want to get onto a PGCE course for straight primary teaching. Have no idea where to start. Was it difficult? Are there large fees invloved? Am hoping to start in Sept 2010 - where do I begin...? :)

    Thanks in advance....

  8. You shoud stay in London to do your primary PGCE, as there are very few jobs in Cumbria (or anywhere in the North West), and most NQTs relocate to find teaching jobs. London still has most vacancies, though admittedly it's getting tougher with so many NQTs migrating there in search of jobs. But there are good pools system operating in many boroughs, and I believe good NQTs have few problems finding suitable posts.
    If you do want to move to Carlisle, University of Cumbria offer an option of spending your final placement at an inner London school, and those who have done so recently have been much more successful in getting a job.
    To get on primary PGCE, you need a degree relevant to primary teaching (though this can be interpreted loosely), up-to-date experience in primary schools and personal quality and commitment needed to be a primary teacher. Competition can be quite tough, and the number applying has increased this year by 30-40%, while overall places have remained largely static. You have to apply through GTTR
    from September onwards for 2010 entry. Tuition fee is £3290 for 2010/11, charged by almost all unis, and subject to eligibility, you may qualify for grant, loans and a £4k bursary.
  9. hey any places left in the house? im doinf lower primary pgce x


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