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Primary PGCE Bursary

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Rubydazzle, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. After the unexpected, sudden and short notice of the abolition of the primary PGCE bursary, I now believe that it has proposed that it is reintroduced in 2012. Is it possible that there may well be the reintroduction of the bursary for those starting this September as it seems grossly unfair that just one cohort could potentially be penalised. The lack of bursary is causing me much worry (big mortgage, two children) especially as I gave up a well-paid job to bark on teaching. I have just been awarded a First class degree, which under the proposal would entitle me to £9000 bursary in 2012, whereas I will get nothing at all and would have been happy with £4000 as this would have been the amount that I had budgeted for and therefore would have made the PGCE year financially manageable. I understand that it is to do with demand of teachers, but surely this isn't going to change in just one yer and so appears to be a rather lame excuse. I would appreciate any comments.
  2. Hi Ruby
    Is this reintroduction of the bursary just a rumour or is it likely to happen? I would be very interested in this as I seem to be in a similar situation to you. Do you know when a decision will be made?
  3. It's been proposed in a consultation document ( can't find the link but it's on the TDA page) and is due to close tomorrow. A couple of people have posted replies they have received on a thread in prospective student teachers and the propsal is not denied. I have also just posted a comment on there about some students who had the decision reversed which is quite interesting.

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