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Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by nc512, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. I completed my PGCE at the IOE in 2011. I have all the books for the course in a new condition and I am looking to sell them. Happy to do a good deal - they are taking up all my bookshelf space! Give me an email on nathalie_crawford@hotmail.co.uk.
  2. The books I have are....
    How to achieve your QTS (Denby) - very good for preparation for the QTS skills tests

    Issues in teaching numeracy in primary schools (Thompson) - very good for understanding why children struggle with maths concepts

    Teaching and learning in the primary school (Pollard and Bourne)

    Readings for reflective teaching (Pollard) - the key text for the learning and teaching essay at the end of the course.

    Special educational needs, inclusion and diversity (Frederickson and Cline) - the key text if you do the special educational needs module

    The really useful science book (Farrow) - this is very useful for science subject knowledge tests and helping you understand concepts before teaching

    Mathematical knowledge for primary teachers (Suggate, Davis and Goulding)

    Achieving QTS Primary English and the Maths book as well. - these are very good for preparation for the QTS skills tests!

    Language development from 3-5.
  3. Hey there,

    Just wondering how much you are selling for...indivdually or job lot?

    Also whereabouts generally are you? i.e are you willing to post or is it collection only?


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