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Primary PGCE at Derby

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by abster1, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Have you heard anything from Derby yet Lou? Or has anyone else heard for that matter!
    Does anyone have any idea how long it will take the TDA to let the Unis have the figures?

  2. I'm still waiting for a reply from derby for primary pgce. I'm hoping it wont be much longer now, as i'm obsessed with checking track!!!
  3. I'm still waiting to hear too, I had my interview in December. I've just been looking at other discussions on here and it seems some Uni's have heard about their numbers...fingers crossed it won't be much longer!
  4. I'm the same I know my Gttr number by heart!! I'm just hoping that they have had their allocations now and it won't be too long! Good Luck!!
  5. A new threads just been put up with allocations, Derby has 25 lower primary and 186 general primary. Should be hearing soon now :)
  6. Fingers crossed - What have you applied for general primary?
  7. I applied for Early Years. They did say at interview that if you get rejected from Early Years they may offer you a place on general. The waiting game and finger crossing continues!
  8. I applied for General and they said the same thing to us that if you didn't get the course you applied for to seriously consider the offer you got as you could transfer your skills once qualified. Surely can't be too long now!![​IMG]
  9. This is alot more places than they had last year then? Very good news! Im dying to know! This wait is killing me, esp knowing other people are hearing at different unis! Lets hope its soon :)
  10. The allocation info is welcome news indeed (thanks)... the suspense it driving me crackers and I too have recently developed an obsession with track!
    I'll admit at first I did not really want to know the answer but now I just want to know regardless! (but a yes would be nice)
    Good luck one and all with the result - not long now...
  11. I wish everyone luck and really hope we all hear today, as the thought of waiting through the weekend is horrible. As mrsmcgowan said even if it's a no, I just want to know where I stand !
  12. Guess it might be different for Derby, but just to let you guys know that Unis have definitely started confirming places. I applied to Chester, and got an email from GTTR at 5pm last night.....and thrilled to have a place. So can't be long for everyone else I'd have thought!! :D
  13. I totally agree ladies... I really don't want to wait another weekend! Like you've said I just want know one way or another. It would be easier if we knew when it was going to happen, then at least I wouldn't be quite so obsessed with track!!
    Good Luck everyone!!!!
  14. Has anyone heard anything? Can't believe we've got to wait over the weekend now :( really had my hopes up we'd hear today, like you said even if its a no just want to hear! GOOD LUCK to everyone aswell!!
  15. I had an interview in January at Derby, and have already been rejected. Looks like it may be good news for you.
  16. Sorry to hear you were unsuccessful! Good luck with your next choice!
  17. Thank you - Interview this coming week. Really nervous about it as I can't remember everything we need to for the group discussion!
  18. Dito with the good luck for your next interview and I hope it goes well!
    What I'm worried about is if you are on the maybe pile. Those they have rejected have been passed to their 2nd choice for another shot. Those that are successful get a place, but someone who was borderline may end up getting rejected late on and then there are no places left anywhere else? I hope I make sense late at night [​IMG] but I hope they tell us soon, as I'm going a bit mad with all this worry!
  19. I just thought I'd let you know I have an email from Derby this afternoon, hopefully this means you should all hear something soon, if you haven't already!
  20. Thanks for the update - Do you mind me asking what the email said?
    I haven't heard anything as yet!

    Thanks for your help!

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