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Primary PGCE at Chester

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Hayleychumphreys, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Anybody heard back from Chester? I have applied to do the Primary PGCE and sent my application in 3 weeks ago but haven't heard anything yet!
  2. Hi Hayley,
    I've applied for the Primary PGCE too. My application was sent on 31st October and I found out on Thursday through the GTTR that I've got an interview on the 7th December. The letter arrived at home today - hopefully you won't have to wait too long now to hear back from them :)
  3. Well done, I'm just desperate to hear now! Fingers crossed it will be soon! How does the interview sound?
  4. It doesn't sound too bad - short tests in Maths, English and Science, a group discussion on a video, a 2 minute presentation (they give you a choice of 14 titles) and then individual interviews to finish. The most difficult part is going to be finding the time to prepare for it between now and then!
    I hope you hear back from them soon :)
  5. Hello!
    I've applied to chester too for the primary PGCE too. Have my interview on the 7th Dec. Getting nervous now!!
  6. Hey, How did your interview go?
    I have my interview this Weds and I'm super nervous - Were the maths/engliah/science tests ok?!
    Hope you hear from them soon :)
  7. Hey, I've got my interview on wednesday too! Have you done much preparation for it? I would also like to know what the tests were like because I'm not sure what to revise! x
  8. Hi there, my interview is on the 14th dec too! I have prepared my presentation, finding two minutes a bit too short though haha! I've been revising on bbc bitesize also, doing ks2 material!
  9. Perhaps they're sworn not to shed light on the tests! Guess we'll have to wait and see for tomorrow eh! I've done a little, not as much as I'd have liked because I've also had assignments in too. Have to see if it's enough! How about you? See you bright and early! :S
  10. Ahh, I'm getting nervous now. I haven't done as much preparation as I would've liked because I've been busy with assignments too. I'm not looking forward to the presentation and the actual interview! x
  11. Hey Chester PGCEer's,

    Anyone heard back from them? Other uni's have been sending out acceptances and I want to know!! Hope all your interviews went well :)
  12. I applied before the deadline and was offered an interview for the 11th January so I can only presume that they are waiting till after Wednesday to offer places. Did they mention what their allocation number is? I'm so nervous for my interview! How did everyone's go? Best of luck with your applications everyone!
  13. Heya,
    Best of luck for your interviews! The tests were much easier than I'd expected, it's just KS2 things so just scan over them. The presentation is also a lot more relaxing with only 3 other people in the group you're expected to present to. Allocations last year were 31 places, numbers are up this year but I'd imagine if Chester did increase it would only be one or two places. Best of luck!

    And no acceptances yet - I'm checking everyday though!
  14. How many people were at the interview days? Good to know about the tests though, I've looked up to KS3 stuff anyway so that should be ok hopefully! Fingers crossed
  15. There were the BEd lot too in the morning but of PGCEers I'd say maybe 30? I don't know whether it'l be the same for you. Good luck and let me know how it goes!
  16. Hi all,
    Just to let you know they said at the interview today that they've started to give out offers now so hopefully shouldn't be too long for everyone to hear!
  17. Yay! How did it go? Did they say the allocation number?
  18. No they said they weren't allowed to say what the allocation number was!! Any news anyone?
  19. Anybody heard anything yet? I had my interview on the 14th December and still nothing :/
  20. So did I and I got my place today!! Wooo! Yours should be soon too :) Yay!

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