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Primary PGCE at Bedford

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by km001, May 16, 2011.

  1. my gttr status also has conditional, but I havent had anything from bedford...... :-D very happy though! x
  2. I got a letter from them back in February offering me a place and saying i needed to confirm on gttr - which i did.
    It also said they would get in touch may/june time about crb and health check but i havent heard anything yet
  3. Hopefully we will get some info through soon then! The online ones are definately quicker/easier than filling out a paper form!
    I guess they will give us a lot of the info we need at the induction day we will have to attend over the summer.
  4. aridion

    aridion New commenter

    When are the Open Days? I haven't got anything back form Bedford yet as well.
  5. I want to know now!! lol I dont like not knowing whats going on! :'-(
  6. HI guys
    I'm just finishing up on the PGCE Primary at Bedford atm! I didn't hear from them until the end of June/beginning of July in terms on book lists, CRB. Don't panic! I'd put not hearing down to the fact that all the tutors are busy with getting all our year's work marked for the end of this week! (Although we still have another 2 weeks to go!)
    Hope that helps to put your minds at rest!
  7. I got the medical questionnaire through today :) yay

    Rach, I was just wondering, what is your opinion on the course/uni? any advice? I am starting the early years in september, any advice would be appreciated :) x
  8. Hi all
    Has anyone had a chance to look at Breo yet ? There is a link on there to the PGCE Primary calendar and I am struggling to make sense of all the abbreviations ! Could anyone let me know what C stands for next to some weeks, P next to others, R, ARP ?? I am guessing that SE is school experience. I'm sure they're really obvious but I don't want to ask the Uni and make myself look clueless before I've even begun...
  9. Near the bottom theres a tab that says 'course codes' if you click on that it explains all the abbreviations
  10. Well, at this moment in time, I have two weeks left and I am shattered! When they tell you this will be one of the hardest years of your life, please believe them! It will be non-stop from the moment you enter the course in September. And with all the government changes to education you will be kept on your toes a lot!
    I've been very lucky and had amazing school experiences for both my placements! Be prepared to travel though....my second placement has been just under an hour away so that explains why atm I am very tired.
    The support you will get from your personal tutors will be really good....they are always there to answer any questions. However, this year was quite disorganised....we had assessment dates moved around and extra tasks given to us at the last minute, but that was due to our graduation being moved from October half term to two days after we finish the course in July. Just be prepared to be flexible and you'll be fine. And I'm sure this won't happen for you as they will know which set-up works best now they have tried both different times for graduation and will know when you start when they want to graduate you etc. Plus I know the year before us didn't have anything like this, so I am pretty certain this was just down to them experimenting. You'll be learning to be teachers though so you'll be really good at adapting quickly! :)
    My top tip is just to keep on top of everything! There is a lot to do in the space of nine months, and it is really hard going, but the job at the end of it is worth it. I know a lot of places around this area hold the Uni of Beds in high esteem for teaching, and I was lucky enough to have a job in March. Use this summer to relax. I try and give myself one day off at the weekend to just spend time with my fiance and family/friends (helps to keep you sane!)
    Hope this helps! x
  11. thank you sooo much for the advice... :) x
  12. I have just finished the course and have just listed all my books that I am selling if anyone is interested.
  13. aridion

    aridion New commenter

    Izzy, I am in the process of ordering all the books for the course. However, if you have them, I would be more than willing to take them off your hands.
  14. If you look a couple of posts down under pgce books for sale I have them all listed, I have sold the doing pgce at m-level and childrens minds but the others are all still available

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