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Primary PGCE 2011 choices

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Ella1281, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. Just wondering if anyone else has applied to Edge Hill or the University of Chester for PGCE Primary? My application is currently at Edge Hill for consideration but I don't expect to hear anything until well after the Spending Review.
  2. Hi Ella,

    I've also applied for Edge Hill and Man Met. Not expecting to hear back for a few weeks....doesn't stop me logging on to Track a few times a day! Very nervous though, expecting the bursaries to be cut so may affect whether I can afford to commute so far and pay the normal bills!!

    Can't stop myself feeling excited though about the possibility of getting in.....

  3. Me too! I'm a little bit obsessed with Track although I know that it could be quite a while before we here anything.
    Here's hoping we won't have to wait tooooo long!
  4. Hello!

    You had any news from Edge Hill yet?? Seems like loads of unis are replying now, so makes me even more nervous!! [​IMG]

    Rach x
  5. Ive got an interview with Oxford Brookes next week...anyone else in the same boat...and hows all the prep work coming along?

  6. My first choice is Swansea Met for PGCE lower primary and I have not heard back yet, I'm really nervous. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one feeling the same way though! Good luck everyone [​IMG]
  7. My first choice is Edgehill aswell, and I havent heard anything yet either! Hoping to hear something soon as my 2nd choice has already started interviews according to the forums *eeeeeep* Its all very stressful! Do you think that many places will be cut for primary?
  8. I think there were about 120 places last year but how many this year is anyones guess!! Its so nerve-racking - knowing someone else has control of your future......eeek!!!
    Even if they just let you know that its a 'No' at least you know where you stand!!

    Good luck though little-red!!!

    Rach x
  9. Hi guys,
    I haven't heard anything from Edge Hill and I'm checking track every 5 mins!! I really need to get a job but I've been putting it off until I know if I have got an interview or not. Hoping we find out soon!

    Ella x
  10. Hey everyone,

    Anyone applied for primary at Liverpool Hope? Ive got an interview next week
  11. Just got word from Edge Hil that I have an interview on 15th December!!! Anyone else? So happy!!!
  12. Sounds like Edge Hill are taking their time. I'm still waiting though!
  13. Hope everyone has heard from Edge Hill by now. Just a question to those with interviews at EH - are any of you bringing portfolios? I'm starting Christmas Craft activities with my P4s in Homework Club and I thought I might put some stuff together for the interview.
  14. I was wondering about that myself, although from the structure of the interview im not sure when you would have time to show the interviewers the portfolio? only during the individual interview, and that seems to be quite short? or maybe im wrong, but if anyone can answer that, id love to know
  15. I have had my head in the books for the past week in preparation for my interview at Edge Hill! Just a couple of things that I'd like to ask:
    1. The breadth of knowledge required for the science test at interview.
    2. How much detail are we expected to know with regards to the Cambridge Review, Rose Review etc. I am aware of the key ideas set out in each but how much are we supposed to know?

  16. Marjon anyone? Still waiting and seeing all these people getting replies this week is making me very nervous now!
  17. Hi Ella1281,
    I have my interview the same day .... getting very excited/scared!
    I'm also worried about the tests, its been a while since I have even had to think about science! Just been looking at the BBC Bitesize to refresh my memory, I think they are multiple choice questions?
    As for the Rose Review etc I think just a good understanding of what is going on is all you need, just to show you have took the time to research, have a good background knowledge of issues affecting teachers I don't think you need too much detail. At my interview last year (unsuccessful [​IMG] ) they never really asked about it, it was brought up in the group discussions (it wasn't at Edge Hill) but not in the one-to-one interview.
    Alot of people took portfolios last year and never got chance to show them - the interview time was really short and there wasn't time. It might be worth taking some things with you as examples - especially if you have plenty of experience. I think all I will have are recommendations from where I have worked/gained experience.
    Are you getting nervous now?? I really am, though just going to (try) to relax - with all the cuts I'm not overly hopeful despite have no back up plan as to what to do if I don't get a place. Not getting my hopes to high...well ok maybe I am!

  18. Hiya! Oh my word I am getting SOOOOO nervous! I just hope that a little bit of deep breathing on the day will calm the nerves!!

    I have been trying the maths tests on the TDA website but really struggling, I don't think the tests on the day will be as difficult as those but it's an area I really need to improve in!! Glad the questions will be multiple choice (esp. for science!).

    I've kept a close eye on the Guardian and TES supplements over the past few weeks and I've been focusing on Free Schools and Academies, League Tables for five-year-olds and the new reading test for six-year-olds, the White Paper, Rose and Cambridge (although not in great detail) and the National Strategies.

    I have put together a few bits and pieces by way of portfolio but as you say there's going to be little time at interview to show this.

    EEEK 8 days!!![​IMG]

    Let me know how your prep is going.

    Ella xo
  19. Mine is similar really, reading up on things I think are relevent to education, looking at the Gove White Paper and the ed. supplements. Also had a chat to a few of the people I have worked with on placements, not had chance to to do the TDA practice tests yet, I am dedicating my weekend to it all!!!! Woo lucky me ha!
    It's so daunting, I'm actually very scared!! In a way I am more relaxed than last year because I have an idea of what to expect and I have read that at EH they do try to make you feel very relaxed. Yet, at the same time more wary because of all the uncertainty of funding and courses etc and that I want it even more than ever!! Can only do our best I suppose......easily said!!!
    I know its cheesy but still not figured an outfit out yet! Such a girl thing to say but want to make a good impression!!!
    I must admit I'm nervous about the group activity of planning and delivering a lesson-think I'm most scared about that!!!

  20. Snap! I'm terrified about the group activity too - lets hope we'll be paired with nice people!! I've also read good things about the staff at Edge Hill, I'm sure they'll put us at our ease.
    I've settled on a below the knee length skirt, long cardi and black boots, nothing too formal but enough (I hope!) to make a good impression!
    I too will be spending the weekend with my head in the books and online (although it's my birthday on sunday so I might take a day off!)

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