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Primary PE warm ups ideas

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by atkinsonh, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. emylou

    emylou New commenter

    Hi, please can anyone, or happy shopper themself, please email me the list of warm up games as I know alot of staff at my school stick to the same things weekly, need some new ideas desperately!! Thank you!
  2. flutterby*

    flutterby* New commenter

    hi, could somebody please email me a copy too as i am desperate for new ideas too. thanks in advance.

  3. Hi another bandwagon PE teacher.Please could I get a copy of the Primary PE warm up ideas.I'm stocking up with ideas for my PGCE in September.



  4. hi i know i'm a bit late catching onto this but it would be great if someone could pass the ideas onto me too?! I'm an NQT starting in a year 1 class in Sept and PE isn't my strongest subject!!
    Thanks to anyone who can take the time to do this x
  5. hi there

    i know im realllllllllllllly late hehe but just seen the post

    anyone able to send me a copy as well ????plsss :)

    email is cmassetti@hotmail.co.uk
  6. Hi,

    Im going to be P.E co ordinator in a primary school and would greatly appreciate any ideas. Would anyone be able to send me anything?

    THANK YOU in advance.
  7. also if anyone else has any other good ideas for Primary (ks1) pe I would be really grateful x
  8. Hi hope is not too late but just seen this post i'm an early years teacher and have to teach pe to a mixed year 3/4 class and haven't got a clue any ideas would be great thanks
  9. wow this sure is in high demand!! is there anybody out there still able to forward these ideas on to me???

  10. Please please can I have a copy of the PE stuff?

    Any other ideas for year 4 PE. I have a lot of boys in my class 70/30 split with a lot of energy. Any suggestions geared towards boys particularly would be appreciated

  11. Hope I'm not being too cheeky but could I pleeease also have a copy of yr PE stuff - NQT starting in a mixed Y1/2 class and desperate for any help I can get!!

  12. CAN I GET COPY PLEASE jnayquinn@yahoo.com

    1)NSEW GAME-call north etc and pupils run to that point you can adapt game..

    2)cones and dishes-using markers lay out 20-30 some turned up others down..give pupils 30secs group1 tries to turn cones into dishes and group 2 tries to turn dishes into cones!!!

    3)Numbers game-pupils run around gym call a number pupilsget into that number of people in group
  13. I'd love a copy of the PE warm up ideas too if they're still going. Kids get bored really quickly.


  14. Another bandwagon jumper!

    Could I possibly have a copy of the warm-up ideas too, please?!

    Email is Ourhouse@dsl.pipex.com

    Many thanks!

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