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Primary PE warm ups ideas

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by atkinsonh, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. myrtle

    myrtle Occasional commenter

  2. Sorry for the delay in emailing people. I have done so now and hopefully everyone should have received theirs. Any problems either email me or post anoth message on here. I am off work ill at the mo so should be able to check this more regulary
  3. Please can I be cheeky and ask for the warm-up ideas too........?!?!?

    Thanks a lot!
  4. billcarson

    billcarson New commenter

  5. Is it alright if I ask for a copy of your PE warm up ideas too? You must be fed up of people asking by now!

  6. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    Yet another bandwagon jumper Happy Shopper and PE Teacher I would be soooooo grateful if you send me your warm up ideas
    Thank you
  7. It would be great to get a copy, primary pe teacher! And thanks for sharing your ideas, TitchyT!

  8. just started a fun & fitness club at school and would love to take a look at the warm-up games.


  9. pwarps23

    pwarps23 New commenter

  10. pwarps23

    pwarps23 New commenter

  11. Any chance i could have a copy too happy shopper??
    Really need some new ideas!

  12. melba

    melba New commenter

  13. Hi PE Teacher and Happy Shopper - I'd really appreciate it if you could send me your ideas too, many thanks !
    My email is bullbabe@hotmail.com
    Thanks so much !

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