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Primary PE co-ordinator role, help

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by xoddsx, May 14, 2011.

  1. Hey,
    Hoping people can help me to understand the role a bit better. I have an interview coming up and would like to be more knowledgeable on the subject.
    I was also hoping for some inspiring ideas people may have (in the hope I get the job and can try to implement them). For example what's the best thing you have done in your role?

  2. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    Err...I'm confused. Is this a teaching role with PE responsibility?
    Basically you ensure every child in the school are getting 2 PE lessons a week, following the NC and make lots of clubs available before school, lunchtime and after school.
    Inspiring ideas are only inspirational for the schools where the teachers came up with them. What works for one school does not always work for another.
    I would hope that you do plenty of activity outside of school and already have links with sports clubs in the community in order to do the role.
  3. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Give us some idea of the current situation in the school you are applying to (how well developed is the curriculum? how much extra curricular is there? are they involved in inter school competition? is there any intra-school competition/activities? How big is the school? what are the current attitudes of staff to PE? what assessment system/process do they use? what facilities are there?)
    If you don't know these things, then this is your first step. Do your research, ask to visit the school so you can find these things out.
    I am guessing you will be a class teacher with additional responsibility for coordinating PE throughout the school for other teachers - correct?
    Once you can give this info it will be easier to give more specific ideas.[​IMG]

  4. Thanks for the reply, I was unsure how much information to include and didn't want to overwhelm/ put off people who could help.
    The position has come up at my current school and you are correct I will be a Reception class teacher next year (with responsibility for PE and PSHE if I get the post).
    We are a two form entry inner london primary school, well resourced with a nice big gym.
    There is a range of after school sport clubs available - My first thought was to look at the participation of boys and girls at these clubs and make efforts to encourage a more balanced mix.
    PE is currently run by external coaches and I get the feeling the staff are happy to sit back and let them do their thing - although this funding is already being decreased and I see it as part of the role to ensure staff are ready to step in and provide excellent PE lessons when we can no longer afford coaches.
    Assessment process - embarrasingly unsure... I assume a bench mark process of meeting expectations or above/below expectations is typical, is this the case? what would you recommend
    Inter - im not sure but not much and it would be something I would be keen to expand upon.
    Intra - not much really.
    I feel with the olympics around the corner this is a really exciting time to be a london based PE coordinator and know we have joined the olympic get set initiative.
  5. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Much of what you have said makes sense:
    • Review extra curricular provision: what is offered and who it is offered to. Not just the boy/girl thing but also is there a balance so KS1 also get some provision. How much is actually offered by teachers in the school? is there a school policy over after school clubs and does the school ensure everyone does their bit?
    • By 'sitting back' do you mean coaches take the PE lessons and teachers literally are there but doing nothing to contribute? If so that needs addressing.
    • Assessment process. Has to have a purpose and be workable. Like you say 'can do' statements which are used to determine what level children are working to. Do you want a 'working towards/within/beyond' type of thing or a range of statements of varying ability levels and you select the one which fits each child. Does each child have a 'profile' which goes with them through school?
    • Inter school. Start small eg football tournamant, netball tournament, athletics competition and then develop this over the years. I personally am in favour of either one day/long afternoon/evening big meets rather than the drip drip every week 1 match/meet at a time. Much better from a 'total immersion' point of view plus also much more time efficient.
    • Intra. Either go for a house system or similar. You could do comps for footy, netball/benchball/athletics even a fitness challenge. If numbers are too small, combine year groups (1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6). Have a 'House Cup' awarded to the most successful House at the end of the year.
    • Other. How about celebrating success. Sports assemblies, Sports reports/newsletter. Sports awards (best footballer/netballer etc) or School 'colours/half colours'
    Your biggest challenge sounds like it will be to get the other staff on board, and this should form a big part of your master plan. Expect questions on this at interview and have workable answers ready.
    Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks, for the replies and more importantly the advice [​IMG]
    I agree the teacher/coach aspect will be the first to tackle, ignore the awful pun.
    I find the house system very interesting and think it could meet alot of cross curricula and whole school aims in addition to the sporting benefits. Such as school cohesion for one.
    Will research further and hopefully be well prepared for interview and all going well the role too.
    Thanks again.

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