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Primary NQT - Unbelievably Unfair Situtaion - URGENT

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by umistboy, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. A friend of mine (I'm a teacher too) has suddenly found themselves in a horribly stressful situation as a primary NQT (Year 3 teacher).
    During the NQT induction year my friend was observed positively on every occasion between September and April by both the Headteacher and her 2 Induction tutors (they seem to share the role and offer minimal support throughout). She recieved no actual guidance or support, no scheme of work (they made her make her own!) and no resources (she works all day/night throughout NQT year) other than observation feedback and 1/2 termly assessment meetings that included some targets for development (all were met and signed off at next meeting). All was going well.
    She was passed through her first 2 NQT induction assessments. The only remaining points for improvement at the end of the 2nd was the remaining 5 standards for her to "tick off". They also gave her a permamnent post at the school in the last week before easter for this coming September. 2 days later they completed the 2nd NQT assessment and, as I've stated, only briefly mentioned the remaining 5 standards to be ticked off.
    After the Easter break her 2 Induction tutors gave her a grade 4 lesson which sounded extremely harsh and pickey. She was devestated. This happened again the week after and the week after that.
    Then Ofsted came in. Tehy gave her a Grade 2 and a Grade 2 with elelments of 1.
    Then they came in the week after and gave her a 4 again. Nobody else, including the Head, have ever given her anything other than positives. The council rep came in and gave a positive.
    Still no support. At the start of the year she observed some other teachers but that is it. As an angry friend I forced her to demand some pro-active support (not just judgemental observations) and she asked for them to help with her planning befor ethe event rather than after. Her induction tutor (the Deputy Head) spends 1 hour on a Monday morning with her looking at the weeks planning. Very little ever gets changed. It is all agreed upon.
    She has been working on her remaining standards and we fell there is a lot of evidence to show she is meeting them and also the previous reports of the Induction tutors suggest so also.
    However, she was told with 11 days of the year left she "won't pass all the standards" but "don't worry. Forget all about it. Enjoy the last few weeks, we'll put some support in place for Septmeber and just extend you NQT year till Xmas. We are not going to let you fail."
    She's naturally devestated and appalled. This is a complete surprise and they have made it seem so final. We are meeting with the Head asap to dicuss this and have prepared all of our evidence.
    Does this seem fair as her NQT induction period finishes a week tomorrow and we must act fast.


  2. The school is not able to extend induction until Christmas. All the evidence, except for the school's own observations post Easter are positive and with the weight of a positive OFSTED (better than many teachers with experience manage) as well as an LA positive the LA could simply reject the school's decision and pass her anyway.

    The statutory guidance is clear that problems should be identified as early as possible and not come as a surprise. Simply doing observations is not enough for support and any issues should have been identified with a support plan, targets with clear success crietraiu and, if necessary extra help and training the LA should also be involved and agree that there is an issue and from what you write they came in and saw no issue.

    Get your friend to contact her union document all that has happened and make sure that she reads the statutory guidance.

    The School cannot pass or fail a NQT only the LA, the school simply recommends a pass or fail and in a case like this one it is possible to appeal the fail recommendation and with evidenmce show that she is meeting all the standards.

    Even if by some chance the LA goes with the school asessment then they would have top put in lots of support to enable her to meetv the standards and she would still move up the pay scale, so ultimatley the school would gain nothing (I'm being cynical here that the school may be thinking that if she is still classed as a NQT she won't move up the pay scale).

    If they are doing this to try and get out of the open ended contract they have given then it ios very unprofessional.

    I do not see what they hope to gain here, other than push someone to leave because of their callous treatment.


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