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Primary Music Scheme of Work

Discussion in 'Music' started by everoptimist, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. I'm currently in the very early stages of looking into my (primary) schools provision for music, particularly at developing an effective scheme of work allowing for progression from KS1 to the end of KS2.
    Currently the school is basing music lessons around lesson plans etc. from Music Express, which I am yet to analyse the effectiveness of. However, in my short experience within my school those teachers of limited experience with music seem to stuggle somewhat.
    I am very eager to know the approache(s) taken by you/your school and it's pros and cons. Of course any exemplar material from your own schemes would be greatly appreciated in order to aid my development of my own scheme. (I would of course reciprocate and share my eventual creations with anyone interested)
    I'm aware that creating such an overarching scheme is going to be a huge task and I'd really appreciate any advice you can give.
    Thanks in advance!
    Chris C

  2. Dear Chris,

    I am happy to send you some information that will help you to structure lessons to teacher music to a high level that can be delivered by everyone. Drop me an email:



  3. Hi Chris,
    I just wondered how you got on with your music scheme of work. I am excactly the same position as you described in your post in 2007. My school use LCP and Music Express but teachers have compained to me that Music express is tricky if you don't have a solid musical background. The LCP scheme has big chunks missing and lots of the teachers have lost the CDs that go with it.
    I would love to hear what you finally did.
    Thanks Amy, a1mes@hotmail.com

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