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Primary Heads- Return to School?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by thejudgesscoresarein, May 15, 2020.

  1. thejudgesscoresarein

    thejudgesscoresarein Occasional commenter

    With the recent announcements this week that primary school pupils in Reception, Year 1 and 6 returning from 1st June- I’d be interested to know what fellow HTs think of this.

    Personally, myself - I don’t think 4-6 year olds are capable of ‘social distancing’ and this is the challenge that schools will face. I think personally, it is too soon to make an informed decision on what will happen- given the fact that there could be a second peak. If pupils are to return- then I think it should be Years 4,5 and 6. 9-11 year olds will have a better understanding of social distancing.

    My CoG has called a meeting with myself, the new HT (who is taking over from September) and the SLT on Monday to discuss next steps to get the school back to normal. I think it should be a whole school return from September. In my school, we have 14 classes with 17 classroom / learning spaces. 430 students on roll. On average, 30 pupils per class. We (like many schools) have insufficient space to facilitate social distancing for a whole school return.
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  2. littlevanner

    littlevanner New commenter

    I agree
    Children under the age of 8 have no concept and it is unfair to make them try
    The whole thing is purely to get the country back to work and is not based on education and what’s best for kids
    Like you I am leaving in July. I am finding the responsibilities of it all horrendous - trying to be humane to staff and ensure people are able to distance if need be ....
    I am fed up with writing risk assessments to find a new format is introduced 2 days later so I have to do it all again
    Not sure I’ll last till July
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  3. R13

    R13 Occasional commenter

    can you really see it back to normal in September . . . . won't part time and social distancing be needed to help flatten the 2nd wave coming in autumn?

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