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Primary Half termly written maths assesments

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by hammie, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    if they insist, use testbase and focus on a particular area each time, thus keeping them short.
    Do the teachers do regular tables testing? If not, that can count too.
    and of course they need to practice the aural test so that can slot in too!
    push for a bit of peer marking, "pupils learn a lot from marking test questions"
    maybe that will help.
    Once SLT get a bee in their bonnet (perhaps pushed by govorners?) you are fighting the tide, but there are ways of reducing the impact on work/life balance.
    And, when i was secondary a test week is a nice rest in some ways! Quiet lessons, little or no preparation required once the tests are written (and you should certainly insist that the same tests be used year on year so that you can compare progress effectively)
    the marking can be a pain, but not if you fight for at least some pupil marking (all of the 1 mark questions for instance)
    good luck
  2. Has APP been dropped? This was hailed as the panacea for tracking problems and foretold the death of inschool summative tests.

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