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Primary GTP Interview

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by RosieKM, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,
    I had my interview for primary GTP yesterday for East Sussex, before my interview I found the discussions on here about what to expect really helpful so I thought I'd share my experience for anyone yet to have their interview.
    First I was given three newpaper articles and had to select one, I then had half an hour to prepare a 5 minute presentation which gave a summary of the article and how I thought the matters raised would effect me if I was a teacher.
    The interview itself was not as horrendous as I had expected, only two interviewers and they were both really lovely and put me at ease right away. Here are some of the questions they asked me, some of them I can't remember because my mind alawys goes blank instantly after I come out of an interview!
    1. What skills can you bring to teaching and why is a GTP best for you?
    2. What kind of atmosphere should there be in a classroom?
    3. What would you say to a child who said learning was a waste of time?
    4. What values and attitudes does a teacher need and why are these important for safeguarding?
    5. How can you best demonstrate the importance of teamwork?
    6. How would you feel about having children from mixed backgrounds in your class and how do you best break down barriers?
    7. In 10 years time if you overheard two former pupils talking about you what would you like to hear them saying?
    Finally, I had my literacy and numeracy tests. My advice would be to make sure you brush up on your numeracy, I really struggled.
    I hope this is helpful xx
  2. Hi, I also had an interview with East Sussex on Monday. Have you heard anything yet? this waiting is horrible!
  3. Thanks for sharing! Those will make good practice questions for myself (hoping to apply for the 2012 GTP).
  4. No not yet, they said we should in about a week so fingers crossed we'll have news on monday. I'm not very hopeful because I had tonsillitis for my interview so I couldn't really speak! Do you already have a school sorted? I dont so I think that will count against me if everyone else does, but fingers crossed! I'll keep you posted if I hear anything, good luck!
  5. any news yet? I got my letter yesterday to say I have a place!! It's subject to finding a school obviously but luckily they gave me the details of a school that was looking so I'm going to meet the head there next week, fingers crossed it goes well! Hope it was good news for you as well x
  6. Me too!!! Found out last thursday, I have a school so bit easier as i allready work there. Good luck finding your school sure we will meet at the introduction meeting in a couple of weeks.
  7. Hi guys,
    Just read your messages, hope you're both successful! I'm just coming to the end of the East Sussex GTP so if you want/need anything I might be able to help!


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