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Primary GTP Interview at Canterbury

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by CarolineAndrews87, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if anyone can provide me with some answers / reassurance? [​IMG]
    I have my GTP interview at Canterbury next Friday and am feeling a little unsure of what to expect. I have been told that there is going to be a literacy test, maths test and group interview. Is there likely to be an individual interview too?
    I have been given two extracts from a Vygotsky paper to familiarise myself with and 5 questions to consider for the group interview. I have also been on Bitesize brushing up on my maths! Is that enough?
    How much am I epected to know regarding the national curriculum etc?
    I left my job a year ago to become an ISA at a primary school in order to get the experience I need to get on this course. Just hope it pays off - I want this so much!

  2. Can anyone help me? Has anyone had an interview at Canterbury before? I'm sorry if I have said anything I shouldn't have, I've never been on here before.
  3. hi caroline, well done for getting an interview!
    I did exactly what you are doing this time last year at Canterbury for a primary placement.
    with regards to the tests, you complete these when you get there altogether in one room - they were really easy (and I hate maths!) about year 6 level. the literacy test was literally to write your opinion on one of the vygotsky text (you can choose either one to write about) they are looking for grammar, punctuation, spelling more than the content of the text.
    Then you are split into groups of 6 and taken to another room. when in the room you are then split into 3 (so 2 groups in the room) and introduce yourselves to each other and why you want to do the GTP.
    you are then asked to work in your small groups on a presentation (the question was written on a flip chart) at the front and was about the Rose and William report and how this is going to effect the National curriculum.
    when preparing the presentation, 2 moderators will be observing (advice - do not take over the group and don't just sit there - happy medium is what they are looking for).
    We then stood up in front of the other group and the moderators (so just 5 people) to do the presentation (I remember talking about ICT and how it is being used in a cross-curricular way). you then watch the other group do their presentation.
    you then sit back done in your groups with 1 of the moderators and they ask you 5 questions to discuss (informally) in your group - I remember one question was "if you visited a school and a child approached you saying "hi I am an SEN" what would you do?' another question was "what good children's book's have you read recently and how could you use this in a classroom environment (rainbow fish is a good one to state) just be honest with your answers and bounce your ideas off the other people in your group.
    the moderators then swap (I think so they both get a feel for all candidates) and then they ask another 5 questions.
    The whole thing was over by 1pm and i came out thinking it really wasn't that bad (I was terrified beforehand). you are not expected to know a great deal of the national curriculum - my advice is to read up on the rose review. cross-curricular approach is quite important at the moment.
    Remember, the moderators are trying to visualise you infront of a clasroom - so just sell yourself as best you can.
    Good luck and hope you are successfull - I am loving the course!!!

  4. alethea18uk, thank you so much for replying! It was just what I needed to hear [​IMG]
    You have really put my mind at ease.
    I am so excited that I have got this oppurtunity, just get very nervous when I'm not sure what to expect. I know I can be a great teacher, I just hope that I can show that to the people that matter!
    I have allocated the whole of Sunday to swat up on my maths (I also am not the biggest fan!) and the Rose report etc.
    I will let you know how I get on. Keep your fingers crossed for me next Fri!

    (Oh, just out of interest, which school are you working at now? How many school interviews did you go to? Do you know roughly how many people go through at this stage and roughly how many schools there will be? )
  5. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    This is also my first post, I have my GTP interview on 8th Feb so just after yours at Canterbury. Hope it all goes well for you, I'm going for the early years option. There are some great treads on 'the student room' website. Def worth a read!!
    Hope this helps
  6. Can you tell me how often you have to attend university with the GTP ? What formal assignments do you have to complete? What paperwork is involved ? Are taught by the school how to plan lessons, or is it something that is taught in University? When did your course start and when is it due to end ? Will you the qualification that you get include the PGCE ?
  7. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    I just wondered how your interview went I had mine there today and I hope it went well!
  8. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    Hi I just wondered if you had heard anything yet? I know they said upto 3 weeks but I'm living in hope that it will be sooner rather than later!
    Thanks Nat x
  9. hi,
    Last year I got a letter in the post exactly 3 weeks after the interview. hope you all get on it...I am really enjoying it.
  10. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    OMG I just got the best Bday pressie ever...I got on!!!! [​IMG]
  11. Sorry I haven't replied sooner - I didn't want to jinx it because I thought the interview went quite well.. And it must have done because I got on too!!
    Congratulatons natbar!
    Just got to fight it out for the schools now :) So hope I can convince one school near me that they want me!
    How many schools do you think I should apply to? Is less but knowing more about each school better?
  12. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    Congrats Caroline!
    I'm also unsure about that, there are about 8 schools in my area (ashford) so over half term I'm going to do some research on all 8 and maybe shortlist? I rang a school yesterday and have arranged a visit for the thursday after half term, the job applications come out on the friday.
    I was also wondering if a school will be looking for students in a particular key stage? I have put down 3-7, and that's def the key stage I want to train in. So maybe that will shortlist for me if the schools are looking for k/s 2 students?! who knows??!!! lol
    Where are you based, and what k/s are you?
  13. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    I just rang them about the k/s thing and they said they don't specify so contact any schools that you like [​IMG]
  14. I've narrowed it down to about 8 schools near me (DA3 area) that I like the look of - thought I might apply to all of them... :S
    When you say the job applications come out on the Friday, what do you mean? Sorry if that sounds daft, but I was just going to write a letter to each school. Am I going to need to contact them for an application form first then? So much I don't know!
    Definitely want to ask to see as many schools as poss. Difficult though as I'm working full time in a school 40 mins from where Iive and up to an hour away from some of the schools I'd like to see!
    Will be using half term to do mega research and find out as much as I can I think!
  15. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    When I asked to visit one of the schools on the 3rd March, she said that the job wasn't being advertised until friday 4th march? So I'm guessing you will need an application pack? The secondary ones are already being advertised on kent teach so may check out a few of them to get a rough idea of application process.
    I am going to do LOTS of research over half term and perhaps compose opening letter to each individual school with relevant info to them so that I'm ready to proceed asap. I think I may go for 5-6 and see how I go. Lots of info to find out...bit baffled tbh
    Nat x
  16. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    From looking at the secondary ones it seems like you need an application form/pack to apply plus your supporting letter.
  17. I'm glad I'm not the only one that is a bit baffled! [​IMG]
    I think I'm going to do the same re:the letter front and maybe send an email to the addresses we have been given for each school asking how to proceed as well as to sort out visits.
    This next month is going to be mad!
    Good luck natbar, keep me updated and I will do the same! Hopefully by Easter we can both be on here with good news!

  18. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    Hi Caroline
    I went for a LONG drive yesterday with hubby and kids in tow...(not a good idea) to the 6 schools that I have shortlisted. they all look great, but very different to eachother. I also looked up their ofsted reports, no of classes, who their EBT is etc
    I'm getting quite worried about the interview process, do you think we will need to plan and teach a lesson? Also I think you will need to fill out a generic kent application form for all the posts we apply for, so I might get onto that as the ifo will all be the same eg grades etc
    Hope all is going well your end
    Nat x
  19. Hi!
    Sorry I haven't replied - been so busy!
    I went to see a school yesterday, got 2 booked next week and one for a few weeks time, plus in contact with 2 other schools. It's hard as trying to organise them all for after school so I don't have to take time off, but am having to in a few cases!
    Some are sending me applications or asking me to apply online, others have said to write to them first and then they will send me an application form if I'm shortlisted. Looks like every school is doing something different, like it's not hard enough! [​IMG]
    So I'm writing letters to some, waiting for applications from others and applying for others online while trying to get my face known in as many as possible! All while working full time! So if you're half as shattered as me 4 days into this half term, I can sympathise!
    Although I am aware that some people are sending letters in without viewing the schools or even checking how they want you to apply, I do think it will go in our favour that we are taking time to view the schools. I hope so anyway!
    How was your visit today?

  20. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    Gosh sounds like you're a busy girl too!
    My visit went 'well' I loved the school, the location, etc etc however they wanted a ks2 person and I'm 3-7 so ruled out before I even looked around!! I 've found the same thing everyone wants different things, not quite as bad as yours though. I did ring alot of schools today to check if they were only looking for a k/s2 person and some were so I cancelled my visits with them to save both our time and effort!
    So with that in mind I have looked much further afield than I was oringinally going to, and have 3 new schools to see, it's a nightmare really because for each visit I need to sort out childcare for my baby aswell as the other two if it's near school run time, hubby is having a lot of time off work and we haven't even got to the interview stage yet!!! Also I felt the pressure a little more today as there were 4 other fellow students looking round too, and it sounds like we are all the the rounds. Not nice to feel like your in competition with fellow students still. Just keeping my fingers crossed that I get a placement as I would be gutted to get this far and not get a school.
    Good Luck with the rest of your visits
    Nat x

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