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Primary Geography Week ideas :)

Discussion in 'Geography' started by MissMynett, May 11, 2020.

  1. MissMynett

    MissMynett New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a new geography coordinator and the idea of having a geography week has been suggested. Does anyone have any ideas or themes that have worked well for them?

    I know there is a feeling we could do something around Europe as the Euro football has been cancelled due to the on going situation.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. CaptainTuttle

    CaptainTuttle New commenter

    We had a theme day- each class was allocated (though you may want to ask for preferences as there was some grumbling) a country and the teachers planned activities relating to their country and the children moved to different 'countries' (classrooms) to take part in activities- New Zealand- the haka, Italy- pasta pictures, China calligraphy etc. We considered each child having a 'passport' to be checked and stamped for each country but decided against it due to time. As you're thinking of a geography week, making passports- and learning about what they're used- for could form one of the activities.

    We also had a room set up with food stations, flags and labels to say where it was from and the children could taste different foods- this was naturally their favourite part of the day!
  3. MissMynett

    MissMynett New commenter

    Thanks for your reply, that sounds great!

    I can imagine about the grumbling :D
  4. CaptainTuttle

    CaptainTuttle New commenter

    Do you have many EAL pupils, or children from/have family from other countries in school? A geography week would be ideal for work on diversity and giving them the opportunity to share... you could make it cross curricular- African drumming workshops (though I'd make sure they say which country in Africa the style is from- can you believe I was told off for being picky when I objected to a classroom being Africa because it's not a country grrr!... sorry still annoyed about that lol) Where was I? Cross-curricular... bhangra dancing, aboriginal art etc Some of it you can get people to come in a do (as long as their companies have survived lock down) and some photos and youtube are all you need. You could look at climates- link it to fashion and compare regions - science links looking at specific adaptions in local wildlife to survive extreme weather/temperate etc

    You've got me thinking that I want to have a geography week now! :D
    Kartoshka likes this.
  5. MissMynett

    MissMynett New commenter

    Ah you have some great ideas! Thanks so much.

    I'm going to work on the assumption we are still mostly at home and set a daily geography challenge that can be sent out by class teachers. I will follow your suggestion and let teachers choose their own country. I'm thinking: learn a song in the language of your country/count to 10, find out an usual fact, research a traditional food/meal/recipe then I might pinch your ideas about fashion and local wildlife.

    Maybe I could introduce a competitive element where the most interesting/well researched contribution wins my remote geographer award?

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