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Primary Geography policy

Discussion in 'Geography' started by ilovechocolate, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    I've just taken over the subject leadership post and have been asked to update our school policy for Geography.

    Does anyone have any tips? or could you point me in the right direction, am a bit lost!!

    Many thanks x
  2. ZwaneGM

    ZwaneGM New commenter

    Just ensure that the policy includes all learners' full access to necessary geographic resources.
    frnc likes this.
  3. haytypants

    haytypants New commenter

    I know that it seems very woolly, but you do need to refer to the NC for Geography. Try looking at the expectations for each key stage and then break them down into year bands. Sorry I can't give you any useful websites, but I have found this to be a useful starting point.

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