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Primary French Scheme

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by tall_sarah1, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. tall_sarah1

    tall_sarah1 New commenter

    Hello all
    Am a Year 6 teacher and MFL subject leader.
    The staff in my school currently follow the Step Up To French scheme which is not liked for many reasons including it not being very non-specialist friendly and the topics are not very 'current' eg WW2 in Yr 6.
    Can anyone recommend a good Primary French scheme which fits the new curriculum and is user friendly?
    Many thanks in advance for any help
  2. funambule

    funambule New commenter

    Interestingly, after doing a search for the `Step Up To French' scheme I could only find oblique references from former LA sites such as Hertfordshire. I actually wonder if this resource is still published. My impression is that it was never a `mainstream' resource that was widely used around the country.
    You could profitably use the reasources from lightbulblanguages.co.uk/ which is free to use (formerly mflsunderland) in the interim before choosing a different scheme or you could stiii use it to supplement a published scheme of your choice:
    e.g. La Jolie Ronde
    Early Start
    Catherine Cheater
    There are others but I suggest before you commit that you check what is being used elsewhere in your LA or in your cluster if there is one. Also whether your local secondary school has some input.
    I suggest you also take a look at TTS for an overview of what is available, including supplementary resources:

    Bonne Chance!
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  3. funambule

    funambule New commenter

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  4. ollie123

    ollie123 New commenter

  5. ollie123

    ollie123 New commenter

    Hi. The Step Up To French scheme is a very old hard-copy version of a scheme which was written at the time foreign languages were going to be compulsory first time around. I know it has been completely rewritten, improved and rebranded in line with the new curriculum. The brand new resources are offered online so they can be automatically updated in line with any curriculum changes. The new resources are completely compliant with the new curriculum and feature a whole raft of improvements. These include new units, interactive games, songs, new teacher support materials and a brand new Tracking & Progression tool which links class and individual pupil performance directly to the 12 attainment targets listed in the DfE Programme of Study and also gives you a full history of each pupil's learning & progression in the 4 key language learning skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing. I know that the company gives previous users of the old hard-copy Step Up To resources a completely free subscription to the new resources (which are branded Language Angels - www.languageangels.com). My suggestion would be for you to contact the Managing Director Paolo Pini (paolo@languageangels.com) and ask if he will give you a free subscription to the new resources as you are a previous user of the old scheme. I'm sure he will be more than happy to help you with this. They have done this for many users of the old Step Up To scheme already.
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  6. tall_sarah1

    tall_sarah1 New commenter

    Many thanks for your help - I have signed up to culturetheque and am exploring that and have emailed Paolo Pini regarding updating to the language angels subscription!
    Thanks for your help!

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