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Primary Education with QTS

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by KitMaff, May 9, 2011.

  1. Hi... Well done on getting on the course. I'm just coming to the end of my final year of BA Primary Education. It's not at Roehampton so will probably differ, But in the first year the modules were things like "introduction to the Core Subjects" "The Arts" "Reflective Practice" etc. The assigments were a mixture of essays, exams and a group performance (we had to do a performance and a rationale saying how it would fit into a scheme of work). We were expected to keep up with subject knowledge ourselves and the lectures were more about how to teach, than giving us lessons in content. Some of them (like PE) were taught to us like we were in class, but like the lecturers were modelling good practice for us.
    Our first placement was a group placement, so four of us in one class and each day we would teach Numeracy and Literacy between us - one would do starter, one main teaching and one would do plenary... The fourth would do things like register and the inbetween bits. The second placement was a paired one so 2 of us team taught most of the timetable. The 1st one was just for experience and not graded the 2nd was pass/fail. It wasn't till 2nd year that we did solo placements that were graded.
    Hope that eases your mind a little! It's nothing to worry about, in fact it's a lot a fun as well as hard work :)
    Kitt xx
  2. Aww thanks for all the info! I'm not sure if our first placements are with other people - but I hope so!

    Really looking forward to starting...I keep browsing all the books in the library about teaching, but trying to stop myself otherwise I might not be so enthusiastic come September!

    Also, just wondering, did you have to do a dissertation? I've looked at the details for all the modules and can't see one that looks like it's a dissertation. I've had a couple of years gap before uni and all my friends are now in their final years doing dissertations. Would LOVE not to have to do one!
  3. Hey I've got an offer from BEd Primary Education at Plymouth from September. I've had some similar worries.... very excited but nervous too, but they have given us quite a bit of info.

    Ours is split into 5 areas - Education Studies, Professional Studies, Curriculum Studies (not sure how this is set out - would like to know like you!), Specialist Subject (mine is Humanities, learn about how it is taught, ideas for teaching it, becoming a subject leader etc, and I think our dissertation is based on it) and School Experience. I'd like to know more about the timetable, but guess I'll have to wait! Modules are in each of those areas. Is yours similar to this?

    Course is 4 years, a placement on each. First is paired, so teach together I guess. I'd assume the first few days you get to know the children, help with register/story reading, and then you get to have to teach a lesson once you know most names and had some time to plan for them :) I'm a bit worried about actually leading a whole lesson tbh! We take classes alone from Y2. Does that help at all? Obviously not your uni so probably different still!

    Sorry I can't help more but just know that I feel exactly the same! I'm so excited but want to try and keep this excitement so it lasts when all the hard work begins haha! :)
  4. Hi - I am a Primary Education with QTS at Roehampton coming to the end of school placement at Year 2. This is my personal view only so pleae take it as such. The course covers a lot of work in addition to the subject specialism you choose, and increasing amount of time in schools to match the theory of what you cover at Uni. Year 1 is generally to expose you to the environment, theory and coal face of a classroom once you have decided on KS1 or KS2 and to see if you fit the role as well. Subject lectures are a blend of learning theory with roles as teacher, and lectures are with staff with many years of relevant experience. As a vocational course, it is 5 days per week and lots of weekends! As this is beyond A levels the course is structured to expose you to all the information and the skills, but you have to be responsible for progrsssion and learning (with a lot of help for such things as essay writing). During placement you are beyond the TA role. Planning and delivery of full lessons is your ultimate responsibility. A lot of work but well worth the effort with a lot of laughs and some excellent people. The children are not bad too!
    Don't do too much reading as the course will provide more than a few weekends doing nothing else! Hope this helps
  5. Hi IM1190; I'm just wondering how your getting on at Plymouth?? Is this at UCP Marjons?? I've been accepted for a place starting Sept 2012, and im coming in as a mature student, well i say mature, im 30, but thats how i believe im branded lol!! How have u found the course so far?? Is yours including QTS?? I havent been studying for 10 years, so im apprehensive about the work load!! Also, quick question, i'm undecided between the halls and the village, i dont want to miss out on the student experience in halls,as they say the village is quieter, however i dont think i'd use the food card at Marjon halls!! I'll look forward to your thoughts, Martin John

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