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primary dance schemes of work

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by fab165, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. fab165

    fab165 New commenter

    I am currently trying to improve the schemes of work in primary PE. I know Val Sabin is a grat resource for dance, any others that people recommend?
  2. fab165

    fab165 New commenter

    I am currently trying to improve the schemes of work in primary PE. I know Val Sabin is a grat resource for dance, any others that people recommend?
  3. We have the Val Sabin Dance scheme in our school and it is good like you say. However, my friend swears by the TOP DANCE scheme and says the stuff is a bit more inspirational than the Val Sabin scheme. Keep meaning to look into it myself but unless its changed massively it consists of lesson cards that have to be broken down into lessons (whereas Val Sabin does this for you) and the CD.
  4. I have the tops sow if you post your address i will try and send a copy before half term. There is also a good resource called Rawmarsh which is now in use for gym and dance, i have used it and have also spoken to other teachers and they are really pleased with it. It does cost £70!!
  5. EG Products, in conjunction with hampshire dance are about to launch 'Dancing Science', a CD ROM which supports delivery the primary science curriculum through Dance. big tick for dealing with different learning styles.

  6. My school is a fan of the LCP dance schemes for ks1 and foundation. The magic toys is lovely with perfect music.

    I have also invested in Primrose dance - not so easy to follow if you haven't had a chance to figure out dance before you go into lesson (should I be admitting that here) oh well
  7. Darthteacher

    Darthteacher New commenter

    Could you please send me the Top Dance Schemes of work, I am British but teaching in the USA and remember Top Dance being a VERy good resourse. Thanks for all the help received.


    I am also looking for a dance scheme of work for primary school level. The theme is SPACE. Thanks
  8. Hope you don't mind but could i also have a copy of Tops scheme? Thanks
  9. fab165

    fab165 New commenter

  10. Apologies for jumping on the band wagon but would very much appreciate the TOPS sow too, have heard so much about it!!

  11. Hope you don't mind, but could I be cheeky and ask for the TOPs dance SoW too please. Teaching year 5 dance and I have lost all enthusiaim with the BBC tapes!!
  12. Val Sabin and TOP SoW very very dated now and not really what dance is actually about. If you want some modern SoW and resources that teach technique, choreography and appreciation for lower KS, let me knoe and i'll post them in the resource bank.
  13. Yes please, anything would be good. I don't want to buy anything yet, as I am on TP2 and don't know where I will be yet!
    Thanks in advance!!
  14. princesslou I would really appreciate any new ideas for teaching dance. Could you post them in resources as suggested or e-mail them to me. Many thanks twisty.

  15. fab165

    fab165 New commenter

    Thanks princess lou for your advice. PLease can you email me fayepashby@hotmail.com, some more modern schemes of work,
    thanks in advance.
  16. GARDEN24

    GARDEN24 New commenter

    HI, I would really appreciate some sow info if you don't mind someone else being cheeky.

    thank you anyway, ROSIE
  17. We use the Val Sabin but find it a little lacking in inspiration and imagination. Also it doesn't break down the objectives lesson by lesson and can be difficult to link to the NC. I also have some of the TOPS resources. Part of my performance management is to improve teaching and learning in dance through quality planning and assessment. Any ideas would be greatfully recieved.
  18. could you please send me your sow/resoources that you have offered. many thanks
  19. Hiya,
    Could anybody please tell me what the dance themes are in the foundation stage/Y1 & 2 LCP scheme of work? My school has bought it & I have to introduce it in tomorrow's staff meeting. I have got the KS2 schemes in front of me but need to know the KS1 themes so I can try to link some of the units in with topic work.
  20. DansAthletic by East London Dance is wonderful (and comes with a fantastic DVD and CD od music) and so too is the Essentially Dance resource that is based on four styles of ballroom dance. The second one you can only access by attending one of their courses but I highly recommend the course and the pack - this also comes with DVD and CD. Both are aimed at non-specialist teachers and are well thought out, I have used both with primary and secondary students, good luck!

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