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Primary D&T Pupil Assessment software

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cotbdevon, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Hi all, I have created a program that you may be interested in which has really helped with our pupil assessment at Gordano School- Portishead. We had some difficulties with assessing our pupils work relative to the Level Descriptors, so I decided to write a program to help with our assessment. Here's how it works.... The software breaks down the long Level Descriptor texts into smaller individual sections and tasks . Whilst marking the pupils work, the teacher can select which sections / tasks at different levels the pupil has achieved. When the teacher has finished selecting which parts the pupil has completed the software calculates what the pupils current level is! Not only that, but the software also generates a feedback sheet for the pupils which tells them three more targets they should aim for to progress through the levels! The three targets are based on * Developing,Planning & Presenting * Working with equipment * Evaluating Products and Processes Feedback sheets can be printed out for pupils to stick in books, the pupils progress can be saved for later reference and we think that the software has really helped us to mark and assess accurately to the Level Descriptors. If you want to change the feedback that is generated by the software then you can do this really easily to suit the pupils in your school. We also found the pupil feedback sheets really help on parents evening when we show the parents what their child has completed so far in each level and what they should aim to complete next- all on screen or on a printed out copy for them to keep. Most parents really appreciated knowing directly what their child should be targeting next in DT and why they are at their current level. This program has really taken a lot of the ambiguity out of assessment in our department and for D&T generally. If you want to download the software you can do from www.hemmingeducation.co.uk Use the Username: 'data' and Licensekey 'DATA' and you can unlock the downloaded copy to the full version to use in your school. We thought that other schools would probably find the software useful so it is available to download! If you have any questions please let me know Tim Hemming (timhemming@hemmingeducation.co.uk)
  2. Please note.... the above software is for Design and Technology from Levels 2 to 8, so relevant to primary and secondary. I am also in the process of creating general primary assessment software using the same principles as outlined above. If you want further details or would like to show your interest in our primary software, please email me and I will keep you updated with the primary software as it develops. Thanks, Tim (timhemming@hemmingeducation.co.uk)
  3. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    Downloaded. Thanks for sharing. Will let you know how I get on.

  4. No Problem, we should have our PE version of the software available in the next few weeks. We are trying to focus on the assessment of those subjects that do not get the sort of extensive coverage that English, Maths etc get.

  5. Thanks for this - just downloaded it. Looks good. As the DT coordinator this is really good and will be really useful.

    Thanks again. I will look into the other subjects you produce as i hear of them. Thanks again.
    C x
  6. Hi Clair, Some good news for you!
    The latest version (due for release early next month) now includes level descriptors from Level 1 all the way to Exceptional. Plus, you can now create your own criteria to assess to, so if you have a subject in your school that you want to use the software to assess with you can write your own version for use in your school.[​IMG]
    Feel free to email me if you want any more information. timhemming@hemmingeducation.co.uk

  7. New version available!
    We have now released the latest version of the assessment software- and it's suitable for use in primary too!
    The new version has the latest level descriptor comments, database storage of pupil data and works from level 1 onwards!
    visit the website for more information and to download.
    Cheers, Tim

  8. Hemming Education now have a forum on their website specifically for discussing their software and assessment. www.hemmingeducation.co.uk


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