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Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Durc09, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. I absolutely love Prezi but I am the only one in my department who does (im the only one who really uses the computor lol) is there anyone else out there who uses it?
    Maybe we could share our favourite bits/ tips and encourage others to use it.

  2. veni_vidi

    veni_vidi New commenter

    I had a colleague who used to go on about this. It always sounded like alot of work for basically what a powerpoint could do .

    However i did see an excellent demonstration of it being used in an assembly, which was amazing!
    I would be glad to have a go now that i'm unemployed and have the time [​IMG]
  3. The first few ones you do do take a while but so did the first few powerpoints I did- once you get the hang of it you fly through making them.
  4. veni_vidi

    veni_vidi New commenter

    ha, i can remember the first few powerpoints i did, and how long it took. If you do end up posting some tips on Prezi though i'll have a go, i have the time now.

    What do you use it for?
  5. I use it in lessons mainly with KS4- I use lots of video clips as part of the GCSE ( e.g. Jackson in Emmerdale wanting to die) and unlike Powepoint where you either have a hyperlink or need to download it to embed it in - you just add in hyperlink and it plays automatically which is so much less time consuming both in lessons and when creating resources.
  6. Was introduced to prezi at an RS teachers conference. It`s great and the fact that you can store files online makes it easier than sorting a memory stick when dealing with numerous computers.
  7. WillowFae

    WillowFae New commenter

    I'd love to see a Prezi that someone has done for a RS lesson. I've seen demos on the site but would love to see how it would work for a classroom situation. I really like the idea of them but have been concerned about how effective they'd be in the classroom and the extra time to create them.
  8. WillowFae if you sign up for Prezi education you can search ones that already exist and mine come up.
  9. Helena Handbasket

    Helena Handbasket New commenter

    I made my first one last night and was quite impressed with myself. With the youtube clips, presumably these only work if the school allow access to youtube?
  10. I guess so- but you could try like true tube or wingclips?
  11. veni_vidi

    veni_vidi New commenter

    Finally have done some for revision of WJEC our world, looking for meaning and is it fair. All good feedback so far, and getting quicker all the time! (Just 5 more to do, ha ha) [​IMG]
  12. fm1981

    fm1981 New commenter

    I tried some time ago. failed miserably. gave up. too difficult :(
  13. Its worth persevering with it- they get easier each time they take me less time than a P/P now as im so used to them.
  14. You are a superstar! Thank you! I have whole year revision with year 9 on Thursday and this will fit beautifully!! Thank you for your generosity.

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