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Prezi vs Powerpoint

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by stephen_berne, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. I am about to start teacher training next week and was wondering if anybody had used Prezi.com to create and present lesson plans. I was only introduced to Prezi yesterday and although I haven't used it extensively it seems an excellent platform to brainstorm ideas, generate a workflow and deliver presentations. It also enables users to share 'prezi's' so would be a good method of sharing ideas and lesson plans with colleagues.
    Prezi's interactive nature and unique display could be a real rival to powerpoint when delivering lessons. Has anybody had any experience of using Prezi in the classroom environment?

  2. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Yes. Don't.

    Whilst it IS an alternative there's not sufficient in it to make a really good presentation, definitely NOT for brainstorming activities - pencil and paper is still best for that (if you haven't got freemind, bubl.us etc.

    Seriously use PowerPoint- and you'll find I slag ppt off most of the time if you search the forum. Alternatively SMART Notebook (or Promethean's version), OpenOffice Presenter.

    Prezi occasionally, maybe for the impact but not for anything too serious or useful.

  3. I have seen some presentations done with Prezi and have found myself actually watching and concentrating. As a personal opinion I would be tempted to give Prezi a go as a way of engaging the audience in a novel manner.

    Good luck with the teacher training
  4. Thanks for the advice, there are probably better ways to brainstorm but I think as long as information in structured correctly and the flow of data is clear, I think it is a useful tool to display information. I probably won't get a chance to try it out for another couple of months in the classroom and I don't plan on using it to completely replace Powerpoint but if the topic is right, I think it will be useful.
  5. Prezi is absoloutley fantastic for a presentation. Once you've got the hang of it, it doesn't take much time at all - I have stopped using powerpoint altogether. Kids spend far too long looking at the same old side shows... give them something interesting!
  6. The above is complete twaddle. Prezi is a tool like any other tool. Use it when the need arises. Don't use it if its not appropriate for that given context/situation. Powerpoint more suitable for a 'serious' teaching matter - nah - nonsense!
    Prezi is an innovative fantastic tool and it should be more widely known and used. Certainly kids are more engaged by watching them by Powerpoint (do a Prezi well that should sustain for serious purp- even after the novelty has worn off).
  7. Colleen_Young

    Colleen_Young Occasional commenter

    It's not about the tools....
    With all the prezi hype I was interested to find M J Plebon's post - see blog

  8. PowerPoint is often done badly but for those of us that actually understand how to make an effective presentation you really can use it very well. People moan and whinge about it all the time but that's simply because they've taken style over substance. Get the content right and the lesson will be fine, just as with any presentation tool.
    My basic rule is to stay away from any fancy animations or transitions. "Fade" is the best option bar none. That said, I do like the way the 2010 version handles some new transitions, especially those that keep the master slide content static.
  9. I agree that Prezi looks lovely but I don't think it offers much more than PowerPoint and takes far longer to create, especially because you cannot easily reuse your prezis. I do however think they are great for sales pitches [​IMG]
  10. Couldn't argue with anything in that blog post.
  11. An alternative - and I think it is better, is this.


    It is free, similar, is an add on for PowerPoint. Only draw back is that it requires PowerPoint 2007.

    The kids are wowed in the same way that they are in Prezi.
  12. I would love to try this add-on.
    Unfortunately the fact that Office 2007 is a dumb-assed, complete and utter ***-up of an ergonomic mess means that I never will.
    Too bad.
  13. If you have spent a load of time with it and you still don't like it then fair enough. If you haven't then I highly recommend you give it more of a go. I have found it way way better than Office 2003. I use about 2 times the functionality as the result of its improved design, everything I do is much faster and the stuff I can produce is of a much higher quality as a result of its design. It did take some getting used to however....
  14. I'm afraid I've never got past the the sheer genius of a great big fat, almost completely uncustomisable, bar at the top of the screen on today's widescreen format monitors.
    The fact that for anything non-trivial, it's harder to use doesn't help either.
    But this is a very old, well-trodden and worn out discussion now.
  15. Colleen_Young

    Colleen_Young Occasional commenter

    This page turns up regularly in my WordPress stats so I guess people are searching on prezi.
    The blog post I referred to back in post 7 here is long since gone (shame - it was a good one - basically saying it's all about the content, not the tools used.)
    There are some Prezi links here that may be of interest.

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