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Pretty people

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Richie Millions, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Richie Millions

    Richie Millions New commenter

    Why do all the major lottery winners appear to be extremely ugly? Do pretty people not need to gamble?
  2. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Out of curiosity I did a Google Image Search on 'Lottery Winner' and I disagree with your basic premise Richie.

    However it turned up this picture:


    Readers of this thread might like to speculate which of these two fine specimens is the recent $181 million lottery winner, and which is the apparent love of their life who coincidentally turned up two days after the win was announced.
  3. Richie Millions

    Richie Millions New commenter

    Is it because they are all working class and therefore by default prone to poor dental care etc?
  4. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    I buy the odd lottery ticket, come my massive win you will have to eat your hat. Anyway most people are average looking, which isn't actually very nice because we see more images of the better looking which skews our understanding of the norm.

  5. Cervinia

    Cervinia Occasional commenter

    I suspect it may be more to do with the privacy option that lottery winners have.
    Those aesthetically deficient types may choose to publicise their good fortune in order to boost self esteem.
  6. Richie Millions

    Richie Millions New commenter

    Two very good points from Lurkio and Cervinia thank you for furthering my understanding of the proletariat.
  7. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    I've noticed that lottery winners are often very fat.
    I wonder if their wins will mean they'll lose weight as they can now afford to spend their time going to the gym and hiring personal trainers, like Los Angeles film stars do, or whether they'll become even fatter because old habits die hard and now they can afford better quality pies and cakes.
  8. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    I am drop dead gorgeous and my husband is a hunk. Should I win the lottery, I shall shun all publicity and thus deprive you of the pleasure of seeing two pretty people winning.
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I don't think the couple who won last week's Euromillions are extremely ugly. They seem to be fairly run of the mill. Are you a very pretty person yourself?
  10. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    It will keep the plastic surgeons employed.
  11. Richie Millions

    Richie Millions New commenter

    Yes, very x
  12. How absolutely desperate dahling that one has to see these snaggle-toothed types paraded around in front of one's eyes.

    Far better to be shielded from these nasties and take refuge in something of an intellectual nature.
  13. Richie Millions

    Richie Millions New commenter

    What are these
    So wither'd and so wild in their attire,
    That look not like the inhabitants o' the earth,
    And yet are on't?
  14. bfudge69

    bfudge69 New commenter

    Really? In that case I might try to eat my way to a lottery win [​IMG]
  15. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    I don't think that having "hate" tatooed across the knuckles (him) or booting your first husband and 12 year old son out of your caravan-park home in Wisbech, whilst cleaning out the family account in order to be free to hitch up with knuckle-man (her) is what I'd describe as particularly attractive behaviour in a couple.
  16. I can't think of anything that would hack me off more than somebody stunningly beautiful winning a shedload of free money as well.
  17. I'll keep my good news to myself, then, lilster.

    cyolba, planning a loooong holiday on his ill-gotten gains :)

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