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Presents from teachers

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Rachellen, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. I just wondered how others feel about receiving presents from teachers they work with? It seems the "done thing" in the places I've worked for teachers to give TAs presents. I suppose it's nice, but it seems a bit patronising, a duty.
    Do you give a present to the teacher?
  2. I work in Secondary and I can't really see the point. Some teachers do give presents to TAs that work with them (I don't know if they are reciprocated) but not all, so it leaves the presentless TA thinking "Why didn't I get anything?" One of our senior TAs collects money for our line manager and then buys her something nice like a bottle of liqueur - she in turn buys something for each of us, but because of the her-to-us ratio we each get a "thought" present, which is fairly pointless.
    I guess it must be different in Junior, because the staffing ratios are different to Secondary?
  3. copycat

    copycat Senior commenter

    I'm a TA in Primary and have always got a present at xmas and end of year from the teachers I have worked with. I am always happy to receive them and do not feel I have to reciprocate.
  4. I work in primary and give gifts to the staff I work most closely with, as well as the school secretary. I don't think of it as a duty, and I'd feel awful if anybody felt they *had* to give me a gift; I don't give a present to get a present.
  5. This is my third Christmas in my current school and I have been with a different teacher every year. All three of them have given me presents in the year I was with them. This year's present is as yet unopened but the other two were around the £5 mark and very thoughtfully chosen, suggesting that the two teachers had really taken notice of my tastes. I like to give my class teacher a present too but usually give something home-made (I do a lot of crafts) as I can't afford to spend a lot on those presents, but want them to be a bit different and not just a £2 box of chocolates.
  6. Our team always buy for each other for Christmas and at the end of the year. We buy each other birthday presents too :)
  7. We hit the pub and buy them a pint? [​IMG]
    My blog - www.operane.com
  8. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    I'm a secondary teacher and if a TA works in one of my classes, I but them a £5 Christmas present. I would never expect one back. If I have a lot of bottom sets and have two or three, I try to buy the same or comparable. I know they don't earn as much as I do. I know they work hard and that they make things easier for me. Maybe that's patronising. If I have a TA for just one lesson a week, I don't bother. But if they're there for four lessons a week, I appreciate their help and so I buy a present.

    I can see it may come across as patronising because I also buy 6th formers a gift if they help in my lessons. I try to show appreciation and build relationships with TAs. I try to support them if they want to be HLTAs etc but Christmas presents are just a thank you. Some teachers don't bother ('They get paid ...' etc) and so I sometimes think it'd be better if we all chipped in for a box of chocolates, a cake or similar for all the TAs,
  9. This is where the problems arise, particularly in Secondary. Some teachers give their TAs gifts and some don't - in my experience over seventeen years mostly the latter.
    I work primarily in the Maths department - up to twenty hours per week - and I do have good working relationships with the HOD and the other five Maths staff. I noticed yesterday in the Maths office several Christmassy wrapped bottles ( of the wine bottle shape!). Any with my name on? - nope, not one - not even a box of After Eights. Don't quite understand why not, but there never has been one for me, but you can't say anything, can you? Sad, isn't it?
  10. copycat

    copycat Senior commenter

    On a similar topic, I always buy a small gift for my son's class teacher at xmas time . This year his teacher hasn't even sent cards to the children. I think this is really mean!
  11. I always wondered if the parents thought any of teachers sending cards to children. I thought that they would just get lost in the end of term avalanche of paper. I always write a personal message in my cards to the class so you have given me some confidence!
  12. It may not be meanness, she/he may not celebrate Christmas!
  13. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    I expect it's because you are seen as part of the SEN department. Our TAs all go out for a meal together and the SENCo pays for the wine as a thank you. Our HOD gives teachers a bottle of wine but never TAs.
  14. Work in Primary, support and cover (PPA, L & M, courses, sickness etc) in 2 classes, had a few lovely little pressies off the kids and nothing off the teachers, not really bothered though, at least the parents appreciate me, many of them who can hardly afford anything, so that means a hell of a lot to me..[​IMG]
  15. Hi there I work as a HLTAin a primary school and I work closely with all teachers and I consider them as friends and not as "the teacher" I dont have a problem buying nor recieving gifts. I do however have a problem when the head buys all staff eg teachers/cleaning/dinner/cooks etc except TAs a bottle of wine to wish a merry christmas. Is this wrong or is it just me??
  16. corrina86

    corrina86 New commenter

    I'm a primary school teacher and I have always exchanged gifts with the adults that I work alongside within my class and other colleagues who I consider to now be close friends. I am also a key stage leader so I bought a small gift for all members of my team as a massive thank you for all of their hard work and support this term- couldn't do it without them and I think it's important to show appreciation to those that you work alongside!
  17. I started working as a TA in primary in October. I haven't received any presents from the children, only cards. I don't mind much because I sincerely appreciate receiving anything and know that I haven't been there long enough for the parents to get to know me. My class teachers job share, so I bought both of them a nice box of choccies and they both bought me a bottle of wine each. The senior TA in the year group also bought me some lovely smellies. Overall, the Headteacher bought ALL members of staff a bottle of wine. I couldn't believe a previous post that the Head bought everyone a gift EXCEPT the TAs. That's horrible. It's just like saying they appreciate everyone's hard work except what the TA's do. Honestly, if it were me, I'd be having words. I suppose I am lucky enough to be working in a lovely school where the whole team get along well. We often go out for lunch on Fridays (and are back in time for 1pm) and celebrate each others birthdays too.
  18. I am an HLTA in a secondary school and this year is the first year that I have received a present from a teacher that I support. I hadn't thought of it as patronising until I read this thread and just accepted it as thank you for the hard work put in with a very difficult class. I do not feel the need to reciprocate - having said that, I haven't opened the present yet! I am also a tutor and have received a few presents from my tutor group that have been gratefully received. All of them have been token gestures, similar to the gifts I gave them. It is not expected either way and the majority of my tutor group are extremely appreciative - there are some that I would prefer not to give gifts to of course!
  19. I work as a teacher in a secondary school. I buy the support staff in my department small gifts, a large tin of chocolates for the department technicians to share and individual boxes of chocolates for the department specialist TAs. Other individual TAs from the SEN department support individual students in some of my lessons. As there are quite a few of these I got the whole SEN department a large tin of chocolates to share rather like I did for the technicians. As a former TA I used to really appreciate those teachers who gave me a small gift. I didnt expect it and didnt think any less of those teachers who didnt - its up to the individual. I knew they all appreciated my work.
  20. Isn't it about wether you have a relationship with them and if you value the support they give you. If you are giving a present as a friend and a thank you how can it be deemed patronising. Obviously if you never give the TA the time of day and then by them some bubble bath it would be patronising! My TA usually gives me a present before I get round to it. They are small but thoughtful and reflect our close relationship but as I work in an Infant school we probably work more closely with our TA's than in a large secondary.

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