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Presents for Y11 leavers

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by Morninglover, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. Morninglover

    Morninglover Lead commenter

    I can't imagine giving any personal gifts (nor can think why any teacher should g further - gifts are for friends, not teachers to pupils)...a box of chocs to share in class on the last day is as far as I go!
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Likewise I don't give individual gifts to my yr 11 form. I shall brin in a big bag of chocs on their last day. I also put togther a leaving powerpoint in which I put loads of pictures of them from their 5 years in school with funny capions and speech bubbles and a musical soundtrack (last year it was 'he ain't heavy he's my brother' and the year before it was 'school's out'. Next year it am looking at Livin on a prayer and You ain't seen nothing yet! The year head also asks me to do a set of alternative leaving certificates which are given out on the last day. Things like the 'most ornage student' and others about dress and makeup, lack of homework, chattyness etc
  3. littlemissmo

    littlemissmo New commenter

    Unfortunately, this is a tradition in our school which has evolved over time, and if my group weren't so nice I would probably leave it at a box of chocs to share. However, I feel under pressure as all the other tutors will be giving little gifts (we don't have a sixth form so we are saying goodbye). In the past I have given them a little notebook to collect their goodbyes from friends and teachers, but was hoping to be a bit more original this time.
  4. Morninglover

    Morninglover Lead commenter

    Then I trust the school will pay!
  5. littlemissmo

    littlemissmo New commenter

  6. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Ok, Why not find all the pictures you can of them throughouit school and burn them onto a CD for each of them
  7. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    I've taught in six different secondary schools and been head of two. I can honestly say that the idea that a form tutor should give individual gifts to Y11 leavers is ludicrous. They, however, ought to be showering you with thoughtful cards and small tokens of their appreciation for all your hard work on their behalf.
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  8. The few times I have given individual gifts to students I hae given them all th same thing wrapped up... Take one each.. Just sweets, stationary small things! A small vi form group got mr men books once, but there were only 4 of them...
  9. I always give mine a poem - typed up and laminated with my best wishes for the future on. But individual gifts?? We got a handmade bookmark off our form teacher and a chocolate bar, the school paid for autograph books for us.
  10. I can't wait to get rid of my Y11 form, and the last thing I'd do would be to waste time and money on getting them gifts!

    I had one pressie from a boy in my form for Christmas, along with a "Sir, this is for having to put up with us" remark!

    Roll on summer exam leave! I'll get an extra 150 minutes free time a week then!
  11. MarkS

    MarkS New commenter

    I agree about the personal, homemade (and nearly free) option!
    It may be something that is already done for the year group, but what about a little leavers book? Get them all to write a few lines each, put it with a photo of each student, make a little booklet.
    Or perhaps take a really nice class photo and do them all a nice A4 print with a title "littlemissmo's class 2011"- I love and hate looking back at my old school photos!
  12. 576

    576 Established commenter

    My first tutor group I took a class photo - gave each a copy in a card with a personalised comment.
    My second tutor group I took over in year 9 & didn't have a good relationship with so they got nothing.
    My last lot - I left them at Christmas in their yr10 so gave each a Christmas ornament - they were nice but cheap as I got them from the pound shop.
  13. Pandora Peroxide

    Pandora Peroxide New commenter

    I have had several Y11 forms leave and never had to get them anything! I had one outstanding group and I made them a certificate on Publisher and personalised what it was for with funny references to things they had done or qualities they had shown; e.g. one had played in the school band so he got a Guitar Hero reference. It didn't take long and only cost the card and ink but the kids were made up with them.

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