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Presenting types of learning

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by joannagb, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. joannagb

    joannagb Occasional commenter

    I'm teaching a child 121 who has some extreme behavioural difficulties, he's been permanently excluded and then excluded from the PRU as well. He hasn't been educated at all for 4 months, before that he attended the PRU occasionally. My job is to re-engage him with learning - and I'm determined to give it my best shot.

    It's all a bit depressing, the inclusion officer has basically told me that this is his last chance and I'm not expected to make any progress with him at all, and while I realise that this is probably the case I'm a bit too stubborn to give up before I really get started.

    He's good at wriggling out of learning - not too surprisingly, he seems completely unfamiliar with variety of activities that he might encounter, he refuses to begin to engage with work and often uses this as an excuse. I want to spend one session going through the different types of activities that he might meet and before I start work I wondered if anyone has ever attempted anything similar, and if so did they find it useful - and do they have anything that they could share with me please? I thought I might try to include his youth worker too and set them up to demonstrate how to engage with work. As I write this I realise that I'm going to some lengths for something likely to fail, but he's 12 years old and before he gets completely written off by the world I want to do my best!


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