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presentation topic ...any ideas please?

Discussion in 'Science' started by hummi7883, May 10, 2011.

  1. hummi7883

    hummi7883 New commenter

    There are
    many challenges facing science teachers today. Choose two that you think are
    important and discuss.

    I have to give a 10 min presentation on this...m not sure what topics to choose....
    infact to be honest dont know many science issues...been reading for a while now....but Science!!!
    Please help me with topics as i really dont know where to start...
    also i had a question about a presentation...how do you start it??
    your first line......thanks my interview is on the 20th...but i am buzy brushing my subject knowledge as well....
    do u think i should concentrate more on my presentation,
    my interview is at goldsmiths for physics science.
    They dint mention an group discussion of any sort..should i expect?
    Thanks ...m really nervous today...any help gratefully accepted..

  2. A few of the top of my head for you to research........
    Red tape and field trips of learning outside the classroom, health and safety etc
    Attracting girls into physical sciences
    Mathematics in GCSE sciences, role of in the context of 'dumbing down'
    Triple science vs double and pressures from alternative qualifications like BTEC
    Accreditation of iGCSE
    Skills deficit in science
    Is science just for the 'clever' kids?
  3. hummi7883

    hummi7883 New commenter

    thanks kritur
    by the way i was going through ur resources,i can use some to revise ,Thanks
    there are some very good topics i can find in the ones u have given,but do u think there is some kind of change the gov. has brought about which could possibly be a problem for secondary science teachers..?
    just a thought...thanks a lot fr ur help.....

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