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Presentation Guidance

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by snmk273, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Hi there I was looking for some guidance
    The topic of the presentation as follows: with reference to the attainment targets in the National Curriculum for Mathematics (www.qca.org.uk> subjects) give a 5-minute presentation on an area of mathematics that you think would interest and motivate teenage pupils. The audience for your presentation will be other interviewees and the interviewers

    I am not clear of the following things
    1. Do they want me to speak on the topics of Mathematics that would interest the teenage pupil? (Like Money matters, profit loss or trignometry).... If yes Do I tell them in detail how would I teach trignometry or money matters bearing in mind that it is 5 minute presentation??
    2. Or they want me to speak on what teaching practices can arise their interest such as (playing quizzes, outdoor activities, playing dart, bridges)?
    3. Can I use Powerpoint or software to make my presentation and would I be provided with a projector? as it is not mentioned or I need to ask the provider
    4. Do I need to ask any of these questions from the provider?
    Thanks for your guidance in advance
  2. Hi,

    With regards to your question, don't think too deeply on the matter. Decide on your topic, and then relate it to the attainment targets. So if you do decide to investigate Money Matters, what areas of the national curriculum would that involve? Personally, I would not phone the provider and ask about your questions 1 and 2 as it might seem like you are unable to think for yourself and show initiative, or even follow instructions.

    Some institutions allow you to use powerpoint etc but that should be clearly noted on the letter confirming your interview. I assume this is not the case however, so I would double check and also prepare for either circumstance. At a recent interview I attended, a girl had prepared a presentation and put it onto a memory stick, only to leave it at home and had no other resources for her presentation. Needless to say, she did not end up getting a place on the course.

    Good luck, and don't panic!
  3. Many thanks for your useful tips

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