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Presentation about reading for parents

Discussion in 'Primary' started by giraffe77, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. I've been English Co-ordinator for just under a year now, and I've bravely organised a meeting for parents about the teaching of English at my school. I've written a section on writing and a section on phonics (both about 20 mins each), and would like to have a larger section on reading and its progression throughout the primary school. Just wondered if anyone has done anything similar, and would be willing to share their ideas or resources (ie presentation), so I have something to start with, as at the moment, I'm drawing a blank.
    Any help very much appreciated!
  2. Are you using an alphabetic code chart to support your talk on phonics teaching? They are very effective for showing the rationale of linking sounds with spelling alternatives - and to illustrate to parents how much teaching can be involved in teaching the alphabetic code for reading and spelling. There are many free versions available for your use if you think a version or two might be useful at www.phonicsinternational.com . Parents can download their own charts if they are sufficiently interested. This would support any learning going on in school and so is quite a positive notion I think!
    I also have a 'two-stage teaching model' which fits in with the simple view of reading and explains the relationship between discrete phonics teaching and the wider curriculum which may, or may not, be helpful. I appreciate that this might be going too deep for your needs. Best of all, of course, is taking parents through some phonics lessons and getting them to use some of the children's resources!
  3. Hey- is my first year as Lit coordinator as well so this would be great to look at if possible?
  4. Done - hope it is helpful.
    C x
  5. Sorry to be a pain.
    Would it be possible for you to email across the reading info and presentation that you have. Thanks : )
  6. Can do, but where to? PM me if you'd rather not post your email directly onto the forum...
    C x
  7. I would really appreciate a copy of your presentation if possible.
    Many thanks in advance.
  8. Done.
    C x
  9. Sorry to jump on the band wagon but i have just taken over as Lit Co-ordinator and have to do a workshop for reading with parents and would like a copy if possible thanks very much in advance x

  10. Been offline for a couple of days, so only just picked this up... on its way now.
    Hope it proves useful.
    C x
  11. I have just also emailed those of you who left addresses with documents etc from a presentation I delivered once. Discard if I am too late or this is of no use!
  12. Moisy

    Moisy New commenter

    Please could I please ask for a copy of the presentations to share with our parents...a bit of a problem area in our school at the mo!
  13. Should be on its way
    C x
  14. mystery10

    mystery10 Occasional commenter

    Just an idea that may be of zero use to you, but at a school that I used to volunteer at they gave each parent of children of "phonics" age a CD with a recording on it of how all the different sounds should be, and an accompanying sheet. Sorry can't send it to you as lost it years ago, but it seemed like a great plan. Volunteers had to listen to it also to ensure they did not mispronounce things.
  15. Hi, is it possible to also have a copy of the presenation. We're trying to get parents involved and reading effectively with their children.
    Thank you
  16. Hi, I'm in exactly the same situation, would it be possible to also have a copy of the presenation?
    Would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Email on it's way...
    C x
  18. Hi!

    Would it be possible to have a copy too? Have an idea for phonics but going round and round with how to approach reading.

    Thanks so much Debxx


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