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Preschool Planning Palaver :)

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by northwillow, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. I have recently taken over as Playleader and am struggling with the actual paperwork surrounding planning.
    We currently use our next steps and the children's feedback to plan for activities and resources on a weekly basis; however, the way that our planning sheets are laid out makes it almost impossible to sort it all out soemtimes as the activities may conflict. The planning sheet dictates the area of the room, and the area of learning, that the resource falls into - if that makes any sense!!
    Would any of you lovely people share with me how you plan, what you take into account (ie: adult led, child led etc) how you document your continuous provision (if indeed you do!) and what you do if there are huge blanks on the sheets?!
    TIA :)

  2. All I can say is that planning is a tool to facilitate good provision. If your planning format does not work for you, change it so that it is useful and so that it reflects your thinking and what you want to do.I use a plan which says what is available in each area of the room (nursery), but this may just say CP(continuous provision) in some areas(the areas ate each allocated an area if learning, or activity eg PSRN table; construction area). Some areas will have 'focus activity' with a brief description (eg snails). There will be a separate, more detailed plan for that activity. If the activity is based on the children's observed interests I write it in red. Alongside this I have a timetable for the week showing basic routines and staff responsibilities (eg showing who is doing the focus activity). The plan and timetable can change at any time. I am not constrained by them at all, they show what will happen if, by some strange chance, nothing else happens. Hope this helps.
  3. The other thing we do is use a whiteboard to jot down what we have noticed children doing and showing an interest in. We then use this when planning to make sure we are building on children's interests and planning for next steps.
  4. Thank you, that is useful.

  5. Definitely agree with thumbie. I plan my week the previous Friday so that i can direct my EAs to prepare resources. However, by Tuesday there is often a very strong urge to follow a certain pathway and the previously (adult) planned stuff can be packed away and authentic, child intiated/focused, connections begin.

    Am not popular with some adults for being this flexible, but I am always happy to feel that I have 'run' with child-initiated learning. Be prepared t be labeled disorganised (negative) or risk taker (positive)!
  6. Thansk v much :)
    We did that last term - had planned some activity, then went caterpillar mad and it was brill as it was so child led and orientated. I am hoping this happens again this term...


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